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In today’s Veggie Athletic Weekly News Digest: Australia set to ban animal cosmetic testing; Cheap vegan makeup to hit the high-street; Is a Conservative or Labour Government best set up to protect the environment?; The best vegan ice cream and where you can get it.

Australia Will BAN Animal Cosmetic Testing

animal cosmetic testing

Animal testing is outdated and immoral, and the world is starting to see it. With a growing conscientious population and the horrors of animal testing becoming well-known, it makes sense for animal cosmetic testing to finally be banned in one of the biggest countries in the world.

Animal cosmetic testing is one of the cruellest forms of animal exploitation. There is no justification whatsoever for putting these animals through such hellish conditions, as some may argue with animal testing for products such as medicine.

Although the public is becoming more and more against animal testings, certain governments still require it to be a necessity. This is why this breakthrough in Australia is so important.

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Cheap Vegan Makeup Hits UK High-street!

cheap vegan makeup

Vegan makeup is hard to find at the best of times, let alone cheap vegan makeup. It’s all well and good ordering online, but what’s the use if it’s the wrong shade or you need it NOW?

Superdrug has been leading the way for a while now with its vegan products and labelling, and they’ve officially outdone themselves. It is now launching it’s very own 100% vegan range, called ‘B.Makeup’, and everything in the line will cost under £10.

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Conservative or Labour? Who’s Best Placed To Protect The Environment?

As the election campaigns cone to an end, it’s becoming clear which parties could put the nails in the coffin of both the local, national and international environment.

We’ve been able to identify traits and trends throughout their rhetoric, and now party manifestos have confirmed it.

Within the spectrum of protecting the environment, there a number of key concerns to maintain a vibrant, healthy and sustainable future for the natural world.

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UK Vegan Ice Cream And Where To Get It

uk vegan ice cream

Vegan Ben and Jerry’s may not have reached the UK just yet, however UK vegan ice cream does exist! You just need to know where to look. Gone are the days of just eating sorbet, now we have a huge selection of creamy, dairy free deliciousness!

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