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In today’s Veggie Athletic Weekly News Digest: You can now live in a vegan neighbourhood; Trump reverses ban on trophy-hunting; Greenpeace urges public to reduce meat and dairy consumption by 50%; Vegans urge Scottish government to give them equal rights; Deliciously Ella shuts down Herne Hill cafe; Industry expert claims future of sex products is vegan; Beyonce goes plant-based and asks fans to join her; Unilever launches new plant-based snack brand Growing Roots; Game of Thrones actor takes home vegan starter kit; Taiwan set to ban all single-use plastic.

Welcome To The World’s First Vegan Neighbourhood

vegan neighbourhood
Source: Vegandale

A vegan neighbourhood has slowly been establishing itself in the city of Toronto. Locally known as Vegandale, the city block is quickly adding vegan stores, restaurants and services.

Vegandale, which is described as a “mecca for the ethically minded and hungry” established itself on a stretch of Queen Street between Dufferin and Brock.

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Trump Reverses Ban On Trophy-Hunting


President of the United States, Donald Trump, has reversed a decision made in November to retain the Obama-era ban on the import of Elephant trophy-hunting parts from countries such as Zimbabwe and Zambia.

The Trump administration will now allow elephant trophy-hunting body parts to enter the USA on a case-by-case basis.

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Greenpeace Urges Public To Reduce Meat And Dairy Consumption By 50%


Leading environmental organisation Greenpeace has called for the public to reduce consumption of animal products by 50%, revealing it’s the only way to save the planet by 2050.

The organisation warned that if consumption fails to meet their targets, agriculture will be responsible for 52% of global greenhouse gas emissions, 70% of which will come from meat and dairy.

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Vegans Urge Scottish Government To Give Them Equal Rights

scottish government

An organisation in Scotland is urging the Scottish Government to change their policies in order for vegan citizens to receive fairer treatment from schools, hospitals and educational facilities.

‘Go Vegan Scotland’ has found that those who identify as vegan have been discriminated against by these facilities, in a way that threatens their health and education.

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Deliciously Ella Shuts Down Herne Hill Cafe

deliciously ella

Entrepreneur and writer ‘Deliciously Ella’ has shut down her cafe and deli in South London after being open for less than a year.

The cafe, named ‘The Kitchen Counter’ was in Herne Hill and opened its doors last April. The menu consisted of plant-based food free from wheat, dairy and refined sugar.

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Industry Expert Claims Future Of Sex Products Is Vegan

vegan sex products

Industry expert Jess Wilde believes the future of the sex product industry is vegan, with an increasing number of consumers choosing ethical options.

Wilde works for the UK’s leading sex toy retailer Lovehoney and revealed that market trends are showing more customers are looking for animal-free products.

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Beyonce Goes Plant-Based and Asks Fans To Join Her

beyonce vegan

In the lead up to Coachella, Beyonce has announced she has gone plant-based and has urged her followers to do the same.

Set to headline Coachella festival in April, Beyonce announced her change in a post on Instagram, saying: “44 days until Coachella!! Vegan Time!!” 

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Unilever Launches Plant-Based Snack Line Growing Roots

unilever growing roots

Unilever has announced it is launching an organic plant-based snack line called Growing Roots.

The new line will have snacks made up of clusters of foods such as seeds, corn, and coconut—in flavours such as Cocoa Chipotle, Pineapple Coconut Rum, Maple Bourbon, and Coconut Curry.

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Game Of Thrones Actor Takes Home Vegan Starter Kit

game of thrones

Game of Thrones actor John Bradley was seen taking home a copy of PETA’s Vegan Starter Kit after attending a concert by vegan superstar Morrissey.

Co-stars Peter Dinklage and Natalie Emmanuel are already vocal vegan activists, demonstrating that the show’s violence can be left on screen.

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Taiwan Set To Ban All Single-Use Plastic

single use plastics

Taiwan’s government Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) has announced that it is set to eradicate the use of single-use plastics by 2030.

They will begin to phase out wasteful single-use plastics next year, with food and beverage stores being required to stop the use plastic straws for in-store use.

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