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If we learnt one thing last week, it’s that Leonardo DiCaprio is just another flaky as fuck celebrity who doesn’t actually care for the environment or the animals. Anyways…

In today’s Veggie Athletic Weekly News Digest: The world needs to go vegan, and quickly; Must haves for commuting; Are McDonalds options really vegan?; Why minimalism and veganism go hand in hand; Response to MINA’s Djokovic article; Research shows carbs are the best food for weight loss.

Dear, World. Hurry Up And Go Vegan

When’s it going to happen? The plant-based, vegan revolution is taking place. Slowly but surely, friends and family are committing themselves to ditching animal products and changing their life. That being said, I wish the world was vegan already.

We can almost pinpoint the exact time veganism started BOOMING. The last quarter of 2015 is when things really got going. More people than ever are searching for the term ‘vegan’ and that can only be a good thing.

It’s the same for the search term ‘plant-based’. Thank fuck things are starting to change. It seemed like it was never going to happen. The main thing now is to keep it at the forefront of people’s minds. Keep veganism in the media. The more people talking about it, the more people going vegan.

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Cycle Commuting Must Haves To Make Your Journey Easier

Cycle commuting is good for your health, your environment, and your pocket. However, it can also be a wet and windy affair. Luckily, there are some cycle commuting must haves out there, designed to make your journey as enjoyable as it can be.

Get a strong lock

It might be a bit of a pain, but it’s really important to invest in a sturdy lock. Otherwise, your commute might become a lot more expensive than you intended. Take it from someone who’s had a bike stolen, it is NOT fun.

D locks are the best, and make sure it comes with the extra attachment to wrap around your wheels. Otherwise, you might leave work to a nothing but a frame.

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Are McDonalds Vegan Options Really Vegan?

McDonalds isn’t renowned for being the most vegan company in the world. However, in the UK at least, baby steps are being taken. Their chips are approved by the Vegetarian Society, and then even have a burger than can be made vegan. McDonalds vegan options are appearing!

But, are these vegan options truly vegan? They may be in regards to their ingredients, however many vegans argue that to support McDonalds financially is not vegan.

mcdonalds vegan options

After all, they are a company known for their cruel treatment of animals, that sources its meat from unsustainable environments (mainly the US McDonalds) and profits from the murder and torture of millions of animals.

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Can You Be A Minimalist If You Aren’t Vegan?

minimalist vegan

You might not think it yet but minimalism and veganism go hand in hand. Essentially, you can’t be a minimalist if you aren’t vegan.

A minimalist is someone who strives for a more simple life. They might reduce the clothing they have, change their living accommodation and seek to reduce their impact on the world. Simply they want to reduce their ‘baggage’.

That being said, it’s hard to reduce your ‘baggage’ if you aren’t vegan. Think about the effect leading a non vegan lifestyle has. It’s not ethical, environmental or economical.

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Response To MINA; Djokovic Turns Vegan

I’ve read some pretty shitty articles in my time, but the Macedonian Online’s recent piece labelled ‘Djokovic turns vegan’ is probably one of the worst. 

Apparently, because Djokovic has lost some weight, it is entirely down to his change to a vegan diet, and that he should “throw a light steak on the barbie”. Sure, that red meat is definitely the way to achieve optimal health and fitness performance…

Whoever wrote this appalling article also claims that his poor performances over the recent months are also down to his diet. Is there anything you can’t try and blame veganism for?

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Research Shows Carbs Are King For Weight-Loss

New results from a National Institutes of Health diet-and-weight-loss trial are attempting to turn the tide on carbs, showing that carbohydrates actually help you lose weight, not gain it.

That theory, pushed forward by author Gary Taubes, Harvard Medical School professor David Ludwig, Ph.D., and a myriad of others, contend that a high-carb diet spikes insulin levels, which leads to increased fat absorption by cells. Proponents of the theory say that the way to lose fat is to eat a low-carb/high-fat diet.

The NIH study found that in reality, it’s the other way around: Those who were on a low-fat but relatively high-carb diet achieved more body fat loss than those on an equal-calorie, low-carb and high fat diet. “We can definitely reject the claim that carbohydrate restriction is required for body fat loss,” wrote lead author Kevin Hall.

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