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In today’s Veggie Athletic Weekly News Digest: Beyond Meat sees sales quadruple in only 4 months; Indonesia pledges to ban dog and cat meat trade; Chris Smalling credits veganism for improved performance; Kings of Leon bassist goes vegan; Increased pressure on Government to ban grouse shooting; Endangered white rhino used in Russian circus.

Beyond Meat Sees Sales Quadruple In Only 4 Months

beyond meat sales quadruple in hong kong

Plant-based brand Beyond Meat has seen its sales in Hong Kong quadruple in the four months since its first international expansion.

In April, Beyond Meat launched a number of their products, including the Beyond Burger, at the Green Common cafe and grocery stores in Hong Kong. The move was the brand’s first expansion outside of the US.

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Indonesia Pledges To Ban Dog And Cat Meat Trade

dog and cat meat

The Indonesian Government has pledged to ban the sale of dog and cat meat, in an announcement at a ‘National Coordination of Animal Welfare’ meeting.

The announcement was made by the Directorate of Veterinary Public at the meeting that took place in Jakarta earlier this month.

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Chris Smalling Credits Veganism For Improved Performance

chris smalling

Manchester United centre-back Chris Smalling has credited his new vegan diet for his improved physical performance on the pitch.

He revealed that his wife has been vegan for a number of years, and persuaded him to give it a try.

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Kings Of Leon Bassist Goes Vegan

kings of leon

Kings Of Leon bassist Jared Followill has recently confirmed via Twitter that he has been a strict vegan for the past year.

When asked by a fan why he decided to go vegan, he explained:

“It started for selfish reasons. My own health.”

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Increased Pressure On Government To Ban Grouse Shooting

grouse shooting

An increasing amount of the British public is voicing their opposition to grouse shooting, just ahead of its opening season.

The bloodsport uses controversial techniques to ensure that shooters get to kill as many grouse as possible.

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Endangered White Rhino Used In Russian Circus

white rhino

A video of an endangered white rhino being forced to perform in a circus in Russia has caused widespread anger on social media.

The rhino, named Mafa, is one of only 20,000 white rhinos left in the world.

Mafa can be seen in the video being forced to parade and carry a man on his back, while the trainer holds a whip in his hand.

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