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In today’s Veggie Athletic Weekly News Digest: The Beyond Burger is coming to the UK; Vegan katsu curry launches at Wagamama; Vegan burger chain creates vegan fried egg; British Columbia implements ban against declawing cats; Vegan Baileys doughnut available at Doughnut Time!; Starbucks chairman recognizes plant-based foods as a huge opportunity; TripAdvisor revises view against animal exploitation; UNILAD releases anti-hunting documentary; Plant-based startup Aleph Farms creates clean-meat steak.

The Beyond Burger Is Coming To The UK

beyond burger

Beyond Meat has announced its flagship product, the Beyond Burger, will be released in 50 countries across 6 continents, including the United Kingdom.

The announcement revealed that expansion would begin this summer and that 10% of all customer inquiries over the last year have been regarding international expansion.

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Vegan Katsu Curry Launches At Wagamama

vegan katsu curry

After Wagamama launched a revamped vegan menu a few months ago, the Japanese chain has now launch the in-demand vegan katsu curry across the nation.

Fans have been eagerly waiting for the release of the curry, which had previously only been available in their ‘noodle lab’ in London.

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Vegan Burger Chain Launches ‘Vegan Fried Egg’

vegan fried egg

Vegan burger chain ‘VeganBurg’ has launched a sunny-side-up vegan fried egg for its burgers, which is the first of its kind in Singapore.

The limited edition vegan fried egg will be part of the menu in honour of the holiday Hari Raya.

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British Columbia Implements Ban Against Declawing Cats

declawing cats

Under a new law, British Columbia has become the second Canadian province to ban the practice of declawing cats.

The College of Veterinarians of B.C. (CVBC) decided to implement the ban after Nova Scotia made similar amendments to their code of ethics earlier in the year.

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Vegan Baileys Doughnut Available At Doughnut Time!

doughnut time

The London branch of Doughnut Time is offering a limited edition vegan Baileys doughnut, made using the Baileys Almande vegan liqueur.

The Australian brand is well known for its vegan offerings that come in imaginative flavours such as ‘Hotline Ring’ (covered in party rings) and ‘Houston, we have Biscoff’ (Biscoff flavoured).

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Starbucks Chairman Recognizes Plant-Based Food As Huge Opportunity


Starbucks Executive Chairman Howard Schultz believes the modern customer will demand more plant-based options and that the plant-based market is a huge opportunity.

Speaking at the Seeds and Chips conference in Milan, Schultz repeatedly explained that there is a “significant opportunity” to expand if the plant-based market is embraced by the coffee-shop chain.

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TripAdvisor Revises View Against Animal Tourism


Travel website TripAdvisor has announced this week that it has added to its policies on animal tourism and animal exploitation.

Back in 2016, the site introduced a policy that banned ticket sales for attractions where tourists could come into contact with exploited animals, such as dolphins and tiger petting zoos.

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UNILAD Releases Anti-Hunting Documentary


Facebook giant UNILAD has released a documentary looking at the horrors of fox hunting, as part of their new YouTube series.

The 47 minute video was uploaded on the 4th of May, and has already gathered almost 14,000 views, with their post on Facebook gaining over 5,000 reactions.

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Plant-Based Startup Aleph Farms Develops Clean-Meat Steak

aleph foods steak

Aleph Farms, an Israel-based clean meat startup, has announced it has developed a structural platform to create 3D clean meat such as cultured steak.

The startup believes it now has the capability to produce 3D ‘chunks’ of meat. Previously grounds of meat were the limit for clean meat startups as the technology to build the 3D structural nature of a steak had not yet been developed.

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