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In today’s Veggie Athletic Weekly News Digest: Ne-Yo goes vegan after watching What The Health; 700,000 contaminated eggs currently in UK circulation; Jamie Oliver finds vegans ‘annoying’; Tesco scrap single-use plastic bags; Pret’s veggie fridges set to stay all summer; Land of Hope and Glory launches; The vegan fast food chain that wants to be the next McDonalds; Free People launches vegan clothes line; Linda McCartney expands with festive vegan options; Chef launches crowd funding for vegan cookery show; New vegan frozen pizza launches in the UK;Ripple launches new milk and plans for vegan ice cream.

Ne-Yo Goes Vegan After Watching What The Health

It seems Ne-Yo is the latest celebrity to go vegan. He took to his social media to announce the news and let his fans know that he opened his eyes after watching the documentary What The Health.

On a video he shared on Facebook and Twitter, Ne-Yo said: “Alright ladies and gentlemen.

Has Kylie Jenner also gone vegan?

“Thanks to the What The Health documentary I have officially gone vegan, completely vegan, so I need you all to send me some vegan recipes, and stuff that I can actually eat, because I’m in a grocery store – lost.”

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BREAKING: 700,000 Contaminated Eggs Currently In UK Circulation

eggs contaminated

Around 700,000 eggs from Dutch farms linked to a contamination scare have been sent to the UK.

The eggs come from farms implicated in the use of fipronil, used in veterinary products to treat things like ticks and fleas.

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Celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver Finds Vegans ‘Annoying’

jamie oliver

Jamie Oliver is a household name in the UK, mainly for his work is redesigning school dinners. Although some of his recipes are vegan, such as this amazing looking vegan burger, he’s got himself in a bit of hot water after some recent comments.

After vegan activists stormed his Bristol restaurant in March, there has been some bad blood brewing.

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Tesco To Scrap Single-Use Plastic Bags In All Stores

tesco plastic bags

Tesco has announced they will no longer provide single-use plastic bags, as they look to further help the environment.

This comes not long after the introduction of the ‘plastic bag tax’ which saw an introduction of a 5p charge for ever plastic bag required when shopping.

The legislation, that was introduced in 2015, has contributed to 1.5 billion less plastic bags being used in Tesco stores.

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Pret A Manger’s Veggie Fridges Set To Stay All Summer Long

veggie fridges

Earlier this summer, Pret A Manger announced that they would be having exclusive veggie fridges in their stores.

According to Pret, the fridges have been a resounding success and are set to stay for the rest of summer.

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Land Of Hope And Glory- The UK Earthlings

The film, created by Ed Winter (Earthling Ed), is attempting to expose the UK farming industry for what it really is. The film uses a similar technique to the shock-factor film Earthlings.

It features undercover footage from the inside of 100 different slaughterhouses across the United Kingdom, emphasising the point that cruelty and suffering are widespread.

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Footage Of Nandos’ And Lidl’s Chicken Supplier Shows Horrendous Conditions

Undercover footage of a West Country chicken farm has been released by leading international animal protection organisation Animal Equality.

The footage shows 150,000 chickens in horrendous conditions within 4 large warehouses.

It gets worse. Farm workers are shown to kick chickens during inspections while others break the sick chicken’s necks or carry them by one leg.

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The Vegan Fast Food Chain That Wants To Be The Next McDonalds

Vegan food is so much more than just fruits and vegetables, and vegan fast food chain ‘By Chloe’ is demonstrating that. With their burgers, fries, pasta and cakes, they are hoping to become the McDonalds of the vegan world, and transform people’s attitudes towards food in the process.

The brand made an extremely impressive $10 million in sales in 2016, and hopes to triple that figure in 2017. Aiming to have their eleventh store opened by the end of the year, By Chloe is growing fast and furiously.

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Free People Launches Vegan Clothes Line

Fashion brand Free People have debuted its all-vegan summer 2017 lookbook. The brand has partnered with PETA to offer a completely vegan range of clothes.

The range includes items such as leather-free sandals, faux leather jackets, straw hats, and silk-free printed slip dresses.

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Linda McCartney Expands With ‘Festive’ Options

linda mccartney

If you say you don’t love Linda McCartney sausages, then you’re lying! Vegans and meat eaters alike have enjoyed the meat free range for years, and it has recently been announced that it will soon be expanding!

Although a vegetarian and not vegan brand, it’s brilliant to hear that all of the new items will in fact be 100% vegan.

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Chef Launches Crowdfunding for Vegan Cookery Show

Whether it’s Nigella Lawson, the Hairy Bikers, or the Great British Bake Off, cookery shows are big business. They show the public how to make delicious food, whilst glamorising it in the process. However, with veganism up over 360%, there’s a huge gap in the market for a vegan cookery show.

The good news is that a group food and television professionals are aiming to change this. Their aim is to ‘produce a kickass pilot that will showcase vegan food at its very best’. Sounds good to me!

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NEW Frozen Vegan Pizza Company Launches In The UK

vegan pizza one planet pizza

We’re pretty lucky with a number of vegan options that are popping up everywhere. There’s vegan cheese, meat substitutes, and even vegan egg. Restaurants are catering for vegans and we have more options than ever! Now, we’ve got ourselves a new vegan pizza option in the UK!

One Planet Pizza started a crowd funding campaign last year and quickly gained momentum for their launch. In partnership with Bute Island, they now distribute four frozen vegan pizzas across the country to local retail stores.

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Ripple Launches New Milk And Plans For Vegan Ice Cream


Ripple Foods, a business well known for their plant based foods have just debuted their latest flavour. Alongside the new milk, Ripple also announced the arrival of a vegan Greek yogurt and the development of a new line of vegan ice creams.

“We noticed the current options were a bit limited in terms of texture, flavor, and healthy fats. Our goal was to create a creamy, delicious product with a healthy plant-based fat content that works well both in coffee and while cooking or baking.”– Adam Lowry, Co-founder of Ripple. Lowry also tweeted back in March, specifically saying that “it’s going to be excellent for alfredo sauces”.

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