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In today’s Veggie Athletic Weekly News Digest: Should vegans guilt trip meateaters?; Veganuary deals; Has Fully Raw Kristina abandons veganism?; Vegan shampoo and conditioner; Pizza Express adds vegan options for Veganuary; London to get vegan kebab shop; Why you shouldn’t focus on your weight; Vegan bondage; Why we’re getting more obese.

Should Vegans Guilt Trip Those Who Eat Meat?

A recent article on the Daily Mail features a vegan plastering posters across a supermarket on the truth behind where meat and dairy comes from. Branded a crazy activist with nothing better to do, should vegans guilt trip others into changing their diet?

Note, that the posters this man was putting up were not highly explicit. This is an example of what he was using:

vegans guilt trip

Cue comments such as this;

While his thought is good, i feel going for vegetarianism or veganism should be natural process and not emotional blackmail. I know of a few people who just gave up eating meat because they felt it was a good healthy choice and had nothing to do with animal rights. They just grew out of it.

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Veganuary Deals You Can’t Afford To Miss | 2017

Incase you somehow missed it, it’s currently Veganuary! Over 50,000 people have signed up this January, so what Veganuary deals can you simply not afford to miss? Make the most of the country embracing veganism, and go treat yourself!


veganuary deals

Zizzi has recently become one of the most vegan friendly places to eat out there. From vegan pizza and garlic bread to a lentil ragu, they’ve got it all. To top it off, enjoy 2 for 1 on their meals this month! Whether you split the bill with a mate or just get an extra to take home, it’s hard to turn down half price Italian food. Especially when it looks this good…

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Has Fully Raw Kristina Abandoned Veganism?

Fully Raw Kristina has recently been in the vegan spotlight and for all the wrong reasons. She posted an image on her Instagram showing her wearing a pair of shoes made from baby cow and baby goat skins. It’s caused a pretty big stir in the community.

Fully Raw Kristina has been a promoter of a raw vegan lifestyle for over 10 years. She’s another firm believer that it improves your health and wellbeing. Over these 10 years she’s amassed a large social following with people taking inspiration from her lifestyle and food choices.

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Vegan Shampoo And Conditioner You Can Easily Buy

Vegan shampoo and conditioner is becoming increasingly easy to ind in high street stores. Some supermarkets and chemists even have their own branded range now. Cruelty-free, ethical hair care is definitely the future! Here’s some great vegan shampoo and conditioner you can buy right now.

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Pizza Express Adds Vegan Options For Veganuary

Pizza Express are supporting Veganuary. Albeit, with less vegan items than some, they’ll at least have something available. Pizza Express have long been known for serving their Pianta, a vegan pizza topped with rocked, artichoke and pine nuts along spinach and mushroom.

pizza express

Now it seems they are looking to embrace the explosion of veganism and Veganuary. Their head chef stated in a press release that “Just last week I tasted a vegan cheese from Italy and took it straight to our development kitchen to taste on our pizza”. Could this mean we might be receiving a range of vegan pizzas topped with vegan cheese?

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London To Get Vegan Kebab Shop

vegan kebab shop

First, it was the all-vegan fried chicken shop and now London is going to have a vegan kebab shop. What the Pitta will be opening their doors in February 2017.

What the Pitta, if you haven’t guessed, is an entirely meat-free kebab restaurant. At the moment it’s a popup, appearing in locations in Shoreditch, but from February 1st it’ll become a permanent spot in Boxpark Croydon.

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Why You Shouldn’t Focus On Your Weight


Focusing on your weight can start a deep dark spiral. Aiming for a number sadly isn’t going to work. There’s a much better way to improve your body and it might take you a while to come around to. I’ll start with why you shouldn’t be tracking your weight and then discuss the importance of the other method.

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Bijoux Indiscrets- Vegan Bondage

Admittedly, bondage may not be up everyones street. However, if you are into it, vegan bondage is the way to go. Faux leather, fur and all that jazz. Bijoux Indiscrets are making it easy to have all the vegan bondage you want.

vegan bondage

Barcelona-based Bijoux Indiscrets recently launched their Maze line—a vegan leather-based bondage collection. The line features vegan bondage accessories—including whips, harnesses, handcuffs, and suspender belts—made with polyurethane, and available in either tan or black.

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World Obesity Rates- Why They Continue To Climb

Obesity rates continue to increase at a dramatic rate. People are attempting to reduce their calorie intake yet there’s little to no change. Our children are becoming more unhealthy and it seems it can’t be stopped. In reality, most people are blind to the truth. There’s an easy way to reduce your body size and achieve a healthy diet again.

Currently, as our obesity rates increase, so is our consumption of meat and animal products. In fact the slimmest people in the world, Asians and Africans, eat a diet that mainly consists of corn, fruit, vegetables and rice, all dense carbohydrate foods.

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