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In today’s Veggie Athletic Weekly News Digest: Vegan Beyond Burger begins expansion into Europe; Testing on cats in France increases by 218%; Tesco profits grow following the release of new vegan range; Animal products are responsible for 83.5% of dietary emissions; Pret launches spring menu with vegan cookies; Vegan yoghurt market set to be worth $7.4 million by 2027; Primate testing in the Netherlands falls by almost 50%; CEO of egg company thinks the future is egg-free; 30% in plastic ocean pollution due to bag tax; meat found to increase incidence of colon cancer.

Vegan Beyond Burger Begins Expansion Into Europe

beyond burger launches in europe

Vegan brand Beyond Meat has launched its Beyond Burger in Germany, the first time the vegan burger has been available anywhere in Europe.

The move is in partnership with The PHW Group, a large meat distributor, who will be handling distribution.

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Testing On Cats In France Increases By 218%

animal testing

New research shows that there was a 218% increase in the amount of animal testing done on cats in France between 2015 and 2016.

There was also a 0.9% increase in the total number of animals being tested on.

1,067 cats were tested on in 2016, compared to over a million mice and over 300,000 fish.

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Tesco Profits Grow Following Release Of Vegan Range


UK supermarket chain Tesco has seen its share prices rise to the highest level since 2015, with many crediting the rise to the release of the vegan ‘Wicked Kitchen’ range.

The Wicked Kitchen range was launched in 600 Tesco stores back in January and consists of 20 different vegan meals.

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Animal Products Are Responsible for 83.5% Of Dietary Emissions

greeenhouse gas

A study by the University of Michigan and Tulane University has found that animal products are responsible for 83.5% of diet-related greenhouse gas emissions.

Researchers looked at the environmental impact of over 300 foods, and the diets of 16,000 Americans.

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Pret Launches Spring Menu With Vegan Cookie

vegan cookie

High street coffee chain Pret A Manger is launching its first-ever vegan cookie as part of its brand new spring menu.

The new menu will be in stores from April 17th, and will also include a new vegan flatbread and a vegan breakfast option.

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Vegan Yoghurt Market Set To Be Worth $7.4 Million By 2027

A new report compiled by Future Market Insights (FMI) has suggested that the vegan yoghurt market will be worth $7.4 million by 2027.

The report mentioned they anticipated that the vegan yoghurt market would increase to a value to $7.4 million by 2027, while the global non-dairy market can expect to see a compound annual growth rate of 4.9% between 2017 and 2027.

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Primate Testing In The Netherlands Down Almost 50%

primate testing

New figures show that the number of primates used for animal testing in the Netherlands decreased by almost half between 2015-2016.

There were 120 procedures performed on primates in 2016, a decrease of 49% compared to the previous year.

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CEO Of Egg Company Thinks Future Will Be Egg-Free

morten ernst

Morten Ernst, CEO of a Hong Kong-based egg marketing company, has identified “the changing tides” of the egg industry and has begun working with a vegan egg company.

He has been working with a plant-based food technology startup to try and work towards a more sustainable food system.

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30% Drop In Plastic Ocean Pollution Due To Plastic Bag Tax

plastic bag tax

A new study has credited the decline in plastic pollution surrounding the UK to the plastic bag tax that was implemented in 2015.

The study was published in the Science of the Total Environment, and included data from 39 independent scientific studies across a 25 year period.

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Meat Linked To Increase Of Colon Cancer In Women

colon cancer

A study by scientists at the University of Leeds has found that a diet free from red meat significantly reduces the risk of colon cancer in women living in the UK.

The University was part of an international team that looked at the effects of red meat, poultry, fish or vegetarian diets in regards to colon and rectal cancer.

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