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In today’s Veggie Athletic Weekly News Digest: Is the pill vegan? Should vegans still use it?; Transitioning to vegan, are you being flaky? Building a car made from meat- Clarkson sparks outrage; How to thrive in your first week as a vegan; A completely vegan football club; Vegan friendly cities- where to holiday next; 5 videos that will make vegetarians go vegan; How not to die from heart disease.

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A Completely Vegan Football Club | Forest Green Rovers

Forest Green Rovers currently sit in the fifth tier of English football. They’re now the worlds first completely vegan football club, with the aim to cause the least environmental impact as possible. The drive behind this change is their chairman, Dale Vince who is a vegan himself.

completely vegan football club

The club are currently planning a 100 million investment into building a brand new sustainable stadium along with various other facilities at the site.

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Building A Car Made From Meat- Clarkson Sparks Outrage

In the latest episode of Amazon’s, The Grand Tour, the trio are tasked to build a car that is made from environmentally friendly materials. Specifically, they’re meant to build a shell of a car that’s sustainable, eco-friendly and less damaging to the environment. Unfortunately, they end up producing a car made from meat.

Car Made From Meat

Richard and James arrive in cars that are definitely more eco-friendly but not so practical, one being made from mud and the other from soil and wood. Jeremy Clarkson, however, arrives in a car made from the flesh and bones of animals.

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Is The Pill Vegan? Should Vegans Still Use It?

is the pill vegan

As vegans, we don’t use products that contain animal ingredients or have been tested on animals. I say ‘try not to’, as sometimes this is tricky. I’m not talking about ‘accidentally’ eating a chicken pizza out of the bin or anything, but when we take medicine.

Unfortunately, the majority of medication is tested on animals. Disgusting and unnecessary, this is something that must change. They often contain animal products too. Lactose for example, is commonly found in pills.

I luckily don’t take any medication apart from the pill, but is the pill vegan? Unfortunately, no.

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Transitioning To Vegan, Are You Being Flaky?

transitioning to vegan

In the vegan/veggie community, there’s a lot of discussion around people transitioning to vegan, and whether it should be encouraged or not. For example, someone stating that they are transitioning to vegan over the next 6 months. Some would applaud them, other would call them flaky, and not doing enough for the animals.

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How To Thrive In Your First Week As A Vegan

first week as a vegan

Your first week as a vegan. It’s the start of the best life changing decision you’ll ever make. There’s not a single other action you can do that’ll improve your health, save more animals or protect the environment more than by going vegan.

So first things first. Well done! You’ve taken the greatest step towards a brighter future.

Sort out that kitchen

Depending on if you’ve slowly transitioned or made the change overnight, there will be a few changes to be made in the kitchen. Get rid of all and any animal products. Don’t think “oh, I’ll just finish it”. You’re vegan now. Give it to a friend, donate it to homeless. Whatever. In the early days, consciously deciding to eat animal products can be a slippery slope.

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Vegan Friendly Cities | Where To Holiday Next

Veganism is taking over. Well, that’s what Google says at least! HappyCow have been one of the drivers behind the change. Making vegan food easily found whether you’re in your home city or in a far corner of the world. Vegan friendly cities are popping up everywhere, matching the trends towards veganism.

Take a look at this awesome list of the top vegan friendly cities around the world. It might even help you plan your next holiday away. After all, the food can make or break the holiday, right? 😉

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5 Videos That Will Make Vegetarians Go Vegan

make vegetarians go vegan

There are lots of vegetarians out there, many more than there are vegans. Although not eating meat is great, cutting out eggs and dairy is even better. What will make vegetarians go vegan is often information, and luckily Youtube is full of it. Show these 5 videos to your vegetarian friends and see what they think!

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How Not To Die From Heart Disease

Heart disease is the number one killer in most developed nations. It equates to over 690,000 deaths in the US every year. Your chance of dying from heart disease is 1 in 4. You’re more likely to die from heart disease than anything else. If you eat the standard western diet that is.

Heart disease is otherwise known as atherosclerosis. Essentially the build up of fatty deposits caused by high fat animal products, especially cholesterol. As the plaque builds up, the arteries around your heart become more and moe constricted, eventually causing a heart attack.

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