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In today’s Veggie Athletic Weekly News Digest: Iceland’s vegan burgers outsell wagyu beef; Holland & Barrett to launch 500 new vegan products in new vegan store; Sainsbury’s to start selling vegan meat next to animal products; Global vegan beauty industry set to nearly double by 2025; Moby sells record collection to help save animals; James Corden vows to go vegetarian because of animal abuse; IKEA to stop selling single-use plastic by 2020; Hungry Jack’s launches vegan burger in select stores; Microplastics and dangerous chemicals discovered in Antartica.

Iceland’s Vegan Burgers Outsell Wagyu Beef


Iceland’s ‘No Bull’ burgers that emulate real burgers and even ‘bleed’, have proved so popular that they have now outsold Iceland’s wagyu burgers.

The vegan burgers were launched by Iceland back in April, and were created by the supermarket chain’s executive chef.

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Holland & Barrett To Launch 500 Products In New Vegan Store

holland & barrett

Holland & Barrett is on the lookout for new products to be launched in their upcoming plant-based stores, and hopes to launch around 500 vegan products.

The new vegan stores will hopefully be opening in the ‘not too distant future’.

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Sainsbury’s To Start Selling Vegan ‘Meat’ Next To Animal Products


Sainsbury’s will soon be stocking plant-based meats such as vegan burgers that ‘ooze’ blood in the chiller section alongside real meats.

The vegan burgers that Sainsbury’s will be stocking will be in stores from 27th June, and are made by Danish manufacturer Naturli’ Foods.

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Global Vegan Beauty Industry Set To Nearly Double By 2025

vegan beauty industry double

A new report conducted by Grand View Research has predicted that the global vegan beauty industry will double in value by 2025.

The report predicted the industry will be worth $20.8 billion by 2025, almost double the worth of the industry in 2017 ($12.9 billion).

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Moby Sells Record Collection To Help Save Animals


Vegan musician and activist Moby is selling his personal collection of rare 80’s and 90’s vinyl records to help raise money for the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.

Moby recently announced his retirement from music, in order to focus on animal rights activism.

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James Corden Vows To Go Vegetarian Because Of Animal Abuse

james corden

Actor and talk show host James Corden has told the Radio Times that he has given up meat, after hearing about the abuse of elephants.

He explained to the Times that he felt hypocritical supporting animal welfare for creatures such as elephants, while continuing to consume meat.

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IKEA To Stop Selling Single-Use Plastic By 2020

IKEA has announced that it will make a commitment to stop selling single-use plastic such as straws and plates, cups and freezer bags by 2020.

The announcement was made at a conference in Sweden, where IKEA also pledged to create more home furnishings made out of innovative and recycled materials.

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Hungry Jack’s Launches Vegan Burger In Select Stores

hungry jack's vegan burger

Australian burger chain Hungry Jack’s has launched a vegan burger, available at select locations throughout the country.

Announcing the news on Facebook, Hungry Jack’s said: “The Vegan [Vurger] differs from the Veggie Whopper in a couple of ways: It’s made with locally produced vegan-friendly mayo and delicious creamy melted vegan-friendly cheese.”

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Microplastics + Dangerous Chemicals Discovered In Antarctica


Tests by Greenpeace reveal that tiny pieces of plastic and traces of hazardous chemicals have been found within The Antarctic.

Devastatingly, it seems to demonstrate that nowhere on earth can escape from the pollutants with which we abuse our planet.

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