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In today’s Veggie Athletic Weekly News Digest: Sainsbury’s meat-free sales increasing by 20% each week; Lush launches vegan foundation in 40 different shades; ‘F*ck Trump’ vegan lipstick raising money for migrant kids; 52 dairy farms in NY lose contract due to lack of demand; French butchers demand protection from vegans; Trader Joe’s to drop deceptive cage-free egg packaging; JUST to launch lab-grown chicken later this year; Investigators link raw milk cheese to E.Coli outbreak; Lab-meat startup Finless Foods raises $3.5 million in capital funding.

Sainsbury’s Meat-Free Sales Increasing By 20% Each Week


Sainsbury’s has revealed that their sales of meat-free and vegan products have soared, with growth of up to 20% each week.

The supermarket giant is soon to release brand new vegan ‘meat’ products, that have been designed to imitate real meat and even give the illusion of bleeding.

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Lush Launches Vegan Foundation In 40 Different Shades

vegan foundation

Cruelty-free beauty brand Lush have just launched a new range of vegan foundation, which comes in 40 different shades and will also be sold in recyclable packaging.

10% of the profits will be donated towards a not-for-profit organisation in Indonesia, that funds literacy classes as well as a dentist.

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‘F*ck Trump’ Vegan Lipstick Raising Money For Migrant Kids

vegan lipstick

Cruelty-free beauty brand ‘Lipslut’ has released an exclusive ‘F*ck Trump’ vegan lipstick, with 100% of the profits going towards civil rights organisations.

Lipslut is an organisation that usually donates 50% of its profits to charities.

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52 Dairy Farms In NY Lose Contracts Due To Lack Of Demand

dairy farms

Thanks to a decline in the demand for dairy milk, 52 dairy farms in New York have lost their wholesale contracts, with no-one lined up to purchase their milk from July onwards.

Sullivan County, within New York state, has seen 60 dairy farms go bust within the past 40 years.

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French Butchers Demand Protection From Vegans

french butchers

French butchers have asked the government for protection from ‘militant vegans’, who want to shut down the country’s traditional meat-eating culture.

The French Federation of Butchers argues that butchers shops have graffitied and defaced with anti-meat stickers, and in some cases even stoned.

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Trader Joe’s To Drop Deceptive Cage-Free Egg Packaging

trader joe's

A lawsuit against Trader Joe’s has led the retailer to agree to pull their misleading cage-free egg packing from shelves across the US.

The consumer protection lawsuit was filed by the Animal Legal Defense Fund, after Trader Joe’s used misleading images on their cage-free eggs.

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JUST To Launch Lab-Grown Chicken Later This Year

just launch clean lab grown chicken meat

JUST (formerly Hampton Creek) CEO Josh Tetrick has confirmed the clean-meat brand will launch lab-grown chicken to consumers later this year.

Speaking at CeBIT, a technology conference in Germany, Tetrick explained the process of creating lab-grown meat.

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Investigators Link Raw Milk Cheese To E.Coli Outbreak


Investigators in France have confirmed that a link exists between the cases of several children with E.coli and the consumption of cheese made with raw milk.

The majority of the children investigated were diagnosed with hemolytic uremic syndrome, which is most commonly caused by the consumption of E.coli.

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Lab-Meat Startup Finless Foods Raises $3.5 Million In Capital Funding

finless foods lab fish
Source: Food Navigator USA

Californian startup Finless Foods has raised $3.5 million in its latest round of capital funding. The brand hopes to bring lab-grown fish to market in the near future.

In a statement posted on Medium, Finless Foods CEO Mike Selden said:

“A few months ago, Finless Foods raised a $3.5M round led by Draper Associates. We are immensely pleased by this partnership, and welcome everybody on the Draper team in to our mission to transform the way seafood is made.

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