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In today’s Veggie Athletic Weekly News Digest: Will fur be used at London Fashion Week?; Why Dale Vince created the worlds first vegan football club; JME to star in a vegan film; Does being vegan on Tinder help you find love?; Why isn’t everyone vegan?; How to tell real from fake fur; 4 vegan documentaries you need to watch.

London Fashion Week – Will Fur Still Be Used?

london fashion week

London Fashion Week is fast approaching, and with it comes the protests asking designers to stop using fur in their collections. An online petition has gathered over 75,000 signatures, asking for fur to be banned from London Fashion Week.

According to the British Fashion Council;

The British Fashion Council does not dictate what designers can or cannot design and has no control over their creative process. We actively encourage designers to look at best practice in their business and if they do chose to use fur then we encourage them to make ethical choices.

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Why Dale Vince Created The First Vegan Football Club

dale vince

You may remember an article we published talking about the first vegan football club, Forest Green Rovers. Now, with the changes a huge success, The Independent interviewed Dale Vince, the chairman, to get his take on the changes.

“Personally I’m vegan and have very strong views on the environment, animal welfare and human health,” Vince explains.

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JME To Star In Vegan Film


JME has made headlines recently after revealing he is set to play a role in an upcoming film based on a vegan utopia. Fact Mag reported on it more below.

The loudest vegan in grime will play himself in Carnage: Swallowing The Past.

JME has signed up for a role in comedian Simon Amstell’s first feature film, which is set in a vegan utopia 50 years in the future.

Carnage: Swallowing The Past “looks back at a time when human beings ate other animals. In the future, this will be considered an unimaginable bloodbath of unnecessary suffering,” reports Chortle.

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Does Being Vegan On Tinder Help You Find Love?

vegan on tinder

Valentines has now been and gone, but Tinder will still be as busy as ever. Saying you’re vegan on Tinder might help show what you believe in, but as it turns out, it might actually help you score more dates.

PETA Australia recently did a bit of an experiment. They wanted to see who would get more right swipes, a self-proclaimed vegan or meat eater. As it turns out, the profile in which the users t-shirt said ‘vegan’ got TWICE as many swipes as the profile whose said ‘bacon’.

The vegan got 109 matches in a week, while the bacon guy only got 54.

He also got 11 messages, compared to the bacon eaters measly 3.

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Why Isn’t Everyone Vegan?

why isn't everyone vegan

Habit, enjoyment and selfishness. Honestly, there’s no reason why you cannot be a vegan. We have no biological need to consume meat, so why do we do it? Why isn’t everyone vegan?


People have eaten meat for centuries, why stop now? We should stop now, because animal agriculture is destroying our environment. We may have eaten meat for centuries, yet not on the scale it is currently occurring. Factory farming and a growth in population is not working for our planet any more. It’s time to form new habits, and step out of our comfort zone.

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How To Tell Real Fur From Fake – Easy Tips

yourself or confronting someone about it. There are some easy and key ways to tell the difference, so share with friends and let them know what to look out for.

Look at the base

how to tell real fur from fake

Rather disgustingly, by looking at the base you can check for the presence of skin. Faux fur will most likely have a mesh or threaded backing, while real will be leather or skin.

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4 Vegan Documentaries You Have To Watch

vegan social media

Vegan documentaries are an incredible way to spread the message. Surprisingly, though, I watched most vegan-related documentaries after I became vegans. They’re eye-opening, informative and very interesting. Here’s some of the best you can watch now.

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