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In today’s Veggie Athletic Weekly News Digest: Tesco set to launch plant-based steak across the country; Waitrose announces it will launch vegan sections in stores; Holland & Barrett announces it will open vegan-only stores; Rotting animals found strewn across Kent farm; Hugo Boss launches luxury vegan shoe line; Opinion: Vegan living isn’t the privileged lifestyle it’s made out to be; Top designers say vegan leather performs better than animal-based leather; The Alchemist to offer vegan options at all UK venues; First vegan video game arrives on Nintendo Switch; Harry Potter subscription box goes vegan.

Tesco Set To Launch Plant-Based Steak Across The Country

Next week, British supermarket chain Tesco will launch a plant-based steak at 400 stores across the country.

The steak, created by Dutch manufacturer Vivera, is made from wheat and soy and will be called the Vivera Plant-Based Steak. It is thought that the smell, taste and texture of the plant-based product is indistinguishable from real meat.

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Waitrose Announces It Will Launch New Vegan Section In Stores

waitrose launches vegan section

Waitrose has announced it will launch vegan-only sections in its stores across the UK and will double the number of vegan products it currently offers.

Alongside the launch of the new vegan section, Waitrose will also launch 50 new vegan products on June 4th.

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Holland & Barrett Announce It Will Open Fully Vegan Stores

holland and barrett vegan supermarket

Holland & Barrett CEO Peter Aldis has announced the health chain will launch vegan only stores in the United Kingdom.

In an interview with The Telegraph, Aldis discussed the current state of the brand and future plans to help Holland & Barrett remain competitive.

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Rotting Animals Found Strewn Across Kent Farm

Dead, dying and decomposing animals have been found strewn across the grounds of a Kent farm, a local resident claims.

Green Luck Farm in High Halden, Kent, has allowed pigs, lambs and cows to be left in horrific conditions. As a result, remains and carcasses have been buried in mud, stuffed in plastic sacks and scattered across the land.

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Hugo Boss Launches Luxury Vegan Shoes

hugo boss launches vegan shoes

Fashion brand Hugo Boss has launched a vegan shoe line made from a plant-based leather called Piñatex. The shoes are available now and retail for £220.

The shoes have been released in four different colours: blue, black, brown and yellow and are made from a 100% vegan leather called Piñatex which is produced using pineapple.

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OPINION: Vegan Living Isn’t The Privileged Lifestyle It’s Made Out To Be

People are widely misled to believe that a ‘plant-based’ or ‘vegan’ lifestyle is a ‘first world’ luxury. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

I know a lot of people who wrongly believe that a vegan lifestyle is expensive and have often heard it be referred to as a ‘first world luxury’, it takes all but minutes to explain how a vegan lifestyle isn’t a first world luxury, and we each go away taking our opinions away with us.

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Top Designers Say Vegan Leather Performs Better Than Leather

vegan leather

Top designer Joshua Katcher, the founder of ‘Brave GentleMan’, believes that vegan leather is now so successful that it is outperforming regular leather products.

The designer said: “Vegan footwear is no longer seen as just an alternative,”

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The Alchemist To Offer Vegan Options At All UK Venues

the alchemist

Bar and restaurant chain The Alchemist has added vegan options to its menu for the first time ever, with the new options available as of the 15th of May.

The new menu features a Keralan curry with chickpeas and cauliflower rice, a Shawarma Cauliflower Steak served with Harissa yoghurt, and a mixed grain salad.

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First Vegan Video Game Arrives On Nintendo Switch

nintendo switch

Instead of fighting against soldiers or zombies, in the newest video game for Nintendo Switch, you can fight for animal liberation.

The new Nintendo game, ‘Kitten Squad’, features your own family cat avatar fighting various forms of animal exploitation, such as dairy farms and circuses.

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Harry Potter Subscription Box Goes Vegan

harry potter subscription

Monthly Harry Potter subscription box ‘Accio!’ will now feature 100% vegan snacks, along with vegan beauty products and other plant-based treats.

The subscription box is now the first and only vegan and cruelty-free Harry Potter themed subscription box available.

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