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In today’s Veggie Athletic Weekly News Digest: Vegan, Nirvana themed cafe set to open in the UK; Ne-Yo opens up about his switch to veganism; CCTV set to be legally mandatory in UK slaughterhouses; Vegans can now get cheaper life insurance; Vegan cafe introduces ‘man tax’; Orange Is The New Black star goes vegan; The new Aladdin might be vegan; New vegan pizza chain to set up shop in Toronto; Washington Redskins player goes vegan and encourages teammates to do the same.

Nirvana Themed Vegan Cafe Set To Open In The UK

in bloom

In Bloom is set to open its doors in the Scottish city of Glasgow. In Bloom is a plant-based, vegan cafe that has a Nirvana themed twist.

The cafe will offer seated and takeaway options with the cafe opening soon on Clarendon Place (just off Maryhill Road) in the St George’s Cross area of the city.

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Ne-Yo Opens Up About His Switch To Being Vegan

ne-yo vegan

Ne-Yo is one of the latest celebrities to become plant-based. He announced the change on social media, which was met with a huge positive response.

It came as the singer watched the documentary What The Health and realised just how bad animal products are for your body.

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CCTV Set To Be Compulsory In English Slaughterhouses

english slaughterhouses

Environment Secretary Michael Gove has unveiled plans to install compulsory CCTV in English slaughterhouses. It’s his second major proposal since he has taken up the role.

Michael Gove declares Britain will switch to electric cars by 2040.

The new ruling will be phased in next year and will see all English slaughterhouses require CCTV to operate legally. It comes as Michael Gove wants to improve animal welfare standards and enforce the law against those who commit animal cruelty.

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Vegans Can Now Get Cheaper Life Insurance

We all know eating vegan is more healthy than an animal based diet. Now, you’ll be able to save money on your life insurance, if you live in the US, at least.

The insurance plan will allow plant based eaters to receive the insurance cover at a lower price.

Offered by HealthIQ, the insurance company have claimed a vegan diet is healthier and is, therefore, more likely that you will live longer.

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Vegan Cafe Handsome Her Introduces A ‘Man Tax’

handsome her

Handsome Her, an Australian-based vegan cafe, has introduced a ‘man tax’ in order to ‘balance gender inequality’.

The Melbourne-based cafe wants men to consider male privilege while women also receive priority seating.

Why you can’t be a true feminist and not be vegan.

Cafe owner Alex O’Brien said: “I do want people to think about it, because we’ve had this (pay discrepancy) for decades and decades and we’re bringing it to the forefront of people’s minds.

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Orange Is The New Black Star Goes Vegan!

orange is the new black

Orange Is The New Black has been taking over our screens ever since it first aired on Netflix, making its cast superstars. One of which is ‘Taystee’, played by Danielle Brooks.

Her switch to the vegan lifestyle was announced across her social media, talking about her delicious vegan home made Pad Thai on Twitter and pictures of vegan food on her Instagram stories.

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Is The New Aladdin Vegan? He Might Just Be!

new aladdin

Disney is no longer solely for kids or dominated by cartoons, their remakes are getting bigger and better, and make those who feature in them into certified stars. If the success of Beauty and The Beast and The Jungle Book are anything to go by, the new Aladdin film is going to be a very big deal.

What makes this even more exciting, is the fact that the star of the show Aladdin himself, might be played by a vegan!

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New Vegan Pizza Chain Set To Open In Toronto

Virtuous Pie will be opening a two-storey pizza restaurant in Toronto next January. The restaurant will be based on College street and will only serve vegan pizza.

Virtuous Pie has, until now, been based in Vancouver, becoming famous for their 10 inch pizzas made on hand-stretched dough.

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Washington Redskins Player Goes Vegan, Encourages Teammates

Trent Williams is the latest American football player to switch to a plant based diet. He follows a number of other well-known footballers to also adopt the lifestyle.

Williams recently watched the documentary ‘What the Health’, and like many others, realised the huge health issues associated with eating animal based diets. He subsequently decided to go plant based.

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