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In todays Veggie Athletic Weekly News Digest: Switzerland ban animal testing; How smart are farmyard animals?; How to be the healthiest you; Vegan fried chicken shop a huge success; Is selective veganism the way forward?; Can a high carb diet actually make you fat?; 5 misconceptions about being vegan; More men are going vegan; Easily accessible vegan sweets.

Switzerland Ban Animal Testing On Cosmetic Products

switzerland ban animal testing

Switzerland recently enacted a law which bans the sale of cosmetic products that have been tested on animals in any way. The Swiss Federal Council suggested the ban in 2016, with a specific commitment to remove all products tested on animals from Swiss cosmetic retailers.

“We are delighted that Switzerland will no longer allow cosmetics for which animals have suffered to be sold in the country,” Cruelty Free International CEO Michelle Thew said. “This move is the next step in our 20-year campaign to end cruel animal testing everywhere and forever.” Thew urged other governing bodies to take action, stating, “It is time now for every government to step up and do the right thing.”

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How Smart Are Farmyard Animals?

how smart are farmyard animals

I met a girl recently who said she doesn’t eat meat, apart from chicken. When I asked why, she replied, “because they’re not smart, so don’t understand what’s going on”. The sad thing is, is that chickens are incredibly intellectual animals. How smart are farmyard animals? A lot smarter than we give them credit for.

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Veganism And Exercise – How To Be The Fittest And Healthiest You

I am frequently asked, “Scott, what’s the best diet to lose weight?” And I often reply “Exercise.”. Exercising is the best way to lose weight, and cycling and running provide the best results for sustainable weight loss, increasing fitness levels as they both get the heart rate pumping and are both super accessible to the majority.

All running requires is a pair of trainers, all cycling requires is a bike, neither has to be the latest kit, as long as you are getting out and getting it done, results will follow. However it’s well known and scientifically proven, that a vegan diet provides an abundance of positive health benefits, from longer life expectancy, reduced risk of heart disease, and also, the elephant in the room, weight loss.

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Vegan Fried Chicken Shop A Huge Success

vegan fried chicken shop

Temple of Seitan opened the store in Morning Lane in early January – right next door to the Hackney Meat Centre, a Halal butchers. They’re a specialty vegan fried chicken shop using seitan to make their products.

Photos showed scores of vegans queuing down the road in the rain to sample the goods.

The Temple of Hackney outlet was announced late last year, with the “chicken” being made from seitan instead of meat.

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Is Selective Veganism The Way Forward?

vegans guilt trip

A recent article in the Metro praised the idea of selective veganism. That is, being vegan apart from certain situations, where you may consume dairy or eggs. These situations include eating out with friends, when presented with cake at work, or to avoid the ‘why aren’t you eating that’ question.

Of course, if everyone in the world was vegan 95% of the time, the world would be a much better place. However, that doesn’t make diverging from your ethics OK. The most frustrating thing about this article, are the authors reasoning behind consuming dairy products.

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Can A High Carb Diet Actually Make You Fat?

Carbohydrates continue to get a bad reputation. This is despite growing evidence suggesting that a high carb diet is the exact nutrition humans need. There are a huge range of benefits for those that follow a high carb diet, increased energy, reduced chance of type 2 diabetes and pretty large cost savings.

But what about helping your body weight? Eating carbs will always have a bad reputation as long as bullshit fad diets exist, think Paleo, the Cambridge diet and celebrity fitness plans such as Joe Wicks’ Lean in 15 and Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Guide.

This is why you should skip the fad diets and move to a lifestyle that’s sustainable, healthy and will make you feel better than ever.

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5 Misconceptions About Being Vegan

There’s a large number of myths surrounding the vegan lifestyle which aren’t true. You might’ve heard it’s expensive or you can’t survive and thrive on a diet that doesn’t include animals. Well that’s where you’re wrong, the list of myths surrounding the lifestyle is endless but here’s 5 of the most common.

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Easily Accessible Vegan Sweets

Everyone has a sweet tooth. It may not be the biggest but I can guarantee everyone can enjoy a sweet every now and then. In the past you might’ve eaten foods such as gummy bears, jelly sweets and hard boiled sweets. Not all of them are vegan. However, there’s a huge array of vegan sweets you ca sink your teeth into. And the best bit? They’re easily accessible. All can be ordered directly from Amazon.

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More Men Are Going Vegan

men are going vegan

For many years living a vegan lifestyle has often been deemed a feminine way of life. However, thankfully these preconceptions are being turned on their head and more men are going vegan despite the stereotype. The Philly recently looked at this in closer detail and talk about it below.

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