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In today’s Veggie Athletic Weekly News Digest: Vegan doughnut delivery service launches; Vegan cruises to Norway begin this September; Emma Watson supports wearing leather if no animals are hurt; Kingston students persuade university to ban fur; Is being pescatarian good enough?; The scary truth of eating dairy.

Vegan Doughnut Delivery Service Launches NATIONWIDE

vegan doughnut the vegan kind

Yep, you read that right. You’re going to be able to order vegan doughnuts and have them delivered to you the following day.

It’s all thanks to The Vegan Kind who have teamed up with Glasgow-based Kind Crusts, who will be bringing you 4 different vegan doughnut flavours.

These include Double Chocolate, Oreo Cookie Crumb, Vanilla Rainbow Sprinkle and Lemon & Chia Seed.

The Vegan Kind will be selling the doughnuts via their online store, which you can find here. If you haven’t visited The Vegan Kind before, they’re my favourite online vegan supermarket with a optional membership that allows you to receive a vegan giftbox every month.

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Vegan Cruise To Norway Starting September 2017

vegan cruise

Cruise & Maritime Voyages is Britain’s leading independent cruise line offering a more friendly and traditional British cruise experience with attentive service full board cuisine and stylish entertainment.

Columbus is CMV’s new flagship and, in association with Vegan Travel, they are excited to present a vegan cruise to Norway’s Fjordland.

The trip will last 7 days and will stop in Bergen, a beautiful city on Norway’s western coast, along with a number of other smaller villages as you explore the fjords.

The menu on board will be 100% vegan and to compliment this will be a wellness programme including yoga & pilates. Daytime activities may include such things as vegan toothpaste making and vegan cheese making.

There will also be fascinating talks from guest speakers, including the likes of Melanie Joy, Dr Michael Greger, Julieanna Hever and Wendy Turner Webster.

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Emma Watson Supports Wearing Leather If “No Animals Are Seriously Hurt”

emma watson

Emma Watson mentioned in an interview that wearing leather is ok so long as no animal is hurt. How does that make sense then?

Admittedly, the interview took place in 2015 so her opinion could well have changed but for someone as seemingly intelligent as herself, it’s a peculiar thing for her to say.

She’s not into animal cruelty but wearing leather? Sure, as long as no one’s hurt!

“If it’s well-sourced, maybe? As long as no one’s in tons of awful, horrible pain. As long as no animals are seriously hurt in the process, then that’s fine with me.”

Yes, a fully-grown, educated adult sad that.

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Kingston Students Persuade University To Ban Fur

Students in Kingston University’s renowned fashion degree course will soon be prohibited from including fur in their collections. This is thanks to Kingston student Simon Plazolles-Hayes, who proposed the amendment to the university’s policies and spoke at the meeting in which it was passed.

In recognition of his efforts, Plazolles-Hayes will now receive a compassionate action award from animal rights charity, Peta.

“The fur industry fell out of favour with forward thinking fashion designers long ago”, says Peta director Elisa Allen. “Peta is honouring Simon for his efforts to ensure that the skins of tormented animals don’t appear on any Kingston University catwalks.”

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Is Being Pescatarian Good Enough?

is pescatarian good enough

Many people seem to view meat and fish as two separate things, as if they aren’t both living creatures killed for their flesh. Many also think that being pescatarian is a good alternative to vegetarianism or veganism. However, is being pescatarian good enough? Or a does it still do the same damage?

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Dairy Really Is F*cking Scary

emma watson

As dairy milk sales continue to slump it’s worth adding a few more nails to the coffin.

As more people and in particular, millennials, begin to choose dairy free alternatives, the dairy industry is in shock. Plant-based sales are higher than ever and that can only be a good thing. Dairy is scary.

Dairy is neither good for our health, the environment or the animals who are endlessly enslaved and tortured.

If you want to choose a healthier alternative, there’s plenty of options. Soy, oat, hemp, rice. They’re all options that are more healthy, more ethical and more sustainable.

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