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In today’s Veggie Athletic Weekly News Digest: Try Veganuary in 2017; Should teenagers go vegan?; The best faux fur jackets; Google predicts vegan revolution; Should company employees be forced to go vegan?; The vegan burger that ‘bleeds’; Where to buy vegan dog food; Why veganism is the cheapest diet.

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Try Veganuary In 2017

try veganuary

Veganuary started in 2014, posing a challenge to go vegan for the whole month of January. Playing into New Years resolutions, people started to try Veganuary and it has since helped thousands of people understand that the vegan lifestyle is the best way to live their life.

The official site now offers a whole range of helpful tips and tricks along with a vegan starter pack. Not only that but they help to dispel a number of myths surrounding the vegan lifestyle. Everything is in place to put your mind at ease when giving veganism a try.

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Should Teenagers Go Vegan? Definitely.

should teenagers go vegan

There’s been enough evidence to prove than veganism is health, but should teenagers go vegan? With raging hormones and the final stage of growth before adulthood, it’s understandable why some might be hesitant about the idea. However, being a vegan teenager can actually help with many issues teens face through adolescence.

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5 Of The Best Faux Fur Jackets Winter 2016

faux fur jackets

Faux fur jackets are one of the best ways to show that giving up animal products doesn’t compromise on style. Whether you fancy a faux fur trim, or a whole jacket covered in it, encourage brands to switch to faux by supporting brands that already use it.

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Google Predicts Vegan Revolution

vegan revolution

Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Google’s parent company Alphabet, stated that a vegan revolution is coming. This comes a year after Google attempted to buy a plant-protein startup.

He named the number one game changing trend of the future to be the move from animal-based protein to plant-based protein.

This would have serious implications, we’d see health trends reverse. The public would become increasingly more healthy, seeing illnesses such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes and obesity all drastically decrease in prevalence. Not only that but perhaps one of the most serious world issues would be addressed. Climate change.

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Should Company Employees Be Forced To Eat Vegan?

eat vegan

The deteriorating health of the nation is something that isn’t getting better. Obesity rates continue to climb along with mortality caused by chronic disease. Perhaps changes need to start in the workplace as well as the home. That’s what Dr. Greger thinks of and has lead us to think should you be forced to eat vegan at work?

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Impossible Foods- The Vegan Burger That ‘Bleeds’

Impossible Foods are an American startup with the desire to change one of the most consumed meals. The burger. Meat eaters always complain they’d miss the flavour, texture and smell of meat too much.

impossible foods

What if there was a cruelty free vegan alternative that tastes and smells like meat? This is what Impossible Foods have been trying to achieve over the past few years.

You may remember that last year Google’s parent company, Alphabet, tried to unsuccessfully buy Impossible Foods for $300 million.

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How To Exercise In The Heat Safely And Efficiently

Exercise is a fundamental part of fitness, and so is doing it safely. How to exercise in the heat is also just as important, as doing so incorrectly can be extremely dangerous. From heat stroke to dehydration, there are many things that can go wrong. So what can we do?

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Where To Buy Vegan Dog Food | Happy Vegan Dogs

vegan dogs healthy

Vegan dog food is everywhere nowadays and you can even get it on Amazon! Here’s some of Peta’s top picks with links on where to buy vegan dog food.

In case you have any worries, it’s perfectly safe to feed your dog a vegan diet. In fact, some studies show that it’s actually healthier for a dog to eat a vegan diet than a regular, meat-based one. Just like humans it can help reduce the risk of arthritis, cancer and allergies. Dogs haven’t been hunters or wild animals for thousands of years so we don’t need to be feeding them diets that reflect that.

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Veganism Is The Cheapest Diet | Here’s Why

veganism is the cheapest diet

You’ve forever been told that eating vegan is ‘simply too expensive’ and that it’s unaffordable for those less wealthy. Well I’m here to tell you thats a crock of shit. Eating and living vegan is arguably the cheapest way to live, in fact it’s how those in the most rural and desolate environments live. This is why veganism is the cheapest diet.

If we think to the staples of a vegan diet we have grains, fruits, vegetables, legumes and nuts. If you’re a meat eater then this might be very similar except you’re likely to eat less fruit and vegetables and instead replace them with meat.

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