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In today’s Veggie Athletic Weekly News Digest: Plant-based meat estimated to become $10 billion industry; Millions of factory farm animals drown in North Carolina; Pret a Manger to launch Veggie Pret in Manchester; Food giants involved in animal testing scandal; KFC pressured to add vegan chicken to menu; Earthling Ed to open vegan diner in London; Over 10,000 guests expected at China’s first vegan festival; What the Pitta to launch fourth location later this year; Vegan butcher gains popularity in Poland.

Plant-Based Meat Estimated To Become $10 Billion Industry

moving mountain's marston's vegan burger

New data collected by market research firm Nielsen suggests that the plant-based meat industry could soon become a $10 billion industry.

The data shows that sales of plant-based foods totalled $3.7 billion in the past 12 months, which is a growth of 17%.

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Millions Of Factory Farm Animals Drown In North Carolina

north carolina

With Hurricane Florence sweeping across North Carolina, it is expected that millions of turkeys, pigs and chickens will have drowned in the flood water.

While the community escaped, factory farm animals have been left confined inside metal cages, and left to die.

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Pret A Manger To Launch Veggie Pret In Manchester

veggie pret

Pret A Manger has announced that it will be launching a brand-new Veggie Pret in Deansgate, Manchester.

The Manchester branch will be the first of its kind outside of London, with Manchester being chosen thanks to high demand from customers.

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Food Giants Involved In Animal Testing Scandal

animal testing

Food giants such as Nestle, Unilever, Knorr, Hellmann’s and Yakult have been accused of being involved in an animal testing scandal, testing on animals in horrific experiments.

The British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV) claims that the experiments conducted by these firms were not done in the interest of food safety.

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KFC Pressured To Add Vegan Chicken To Menu


Animal rights activists and vegan consumers have been urging KFC to add a vegan option to its menu after it announced earlier in the year that it was trialling veggie recipes.

PETA has submitted a petition to KFC, asking them to make their future vegetarian option 100% animal free.

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Earthling Ed To Open Vegan Diner In Central London

Vegan activist Earthling Ed has announced that he will be opening a non-profit vegan diner in central London to raise money for grassroots animal rights movement SURGE.

The restaurant, Unity Diner, will be opening its doors in Hoxton, East London.

Items on the menu include vegan ‘chicken’ pancake stacks, along with diner classics such as cherry pie.

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Over 10,000 Guests Expected At China’s First Vegan Festival

China’s first ever vegan festival, the Pop Plant-Based festival, is being held on the 22nd/23rd September and is expected to attract well over 10,000 guests.

Over 100 vendors will be at the festival, and will take place in the International Art Plaza at the Today Art Museum.

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What The Pitta To Launch Fourth Location Later This Year

what the pitta open brighton location

The UK’s first vegan doner kebab restaurant, What The Pitta, is set to open a fourth location in Brighton by the end of 2018.

What The Pitta created its first pop up location in August 2016 at The Pump, Shoreditch. Their Croydon branch soon followed, with the opening of Shoreditch in Summer 2017, and Camden in Spring 2018.

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Vegan Butcher Gains Popularity In Poland

vegan butcher

Thanks to a successful crowdfunding campaign, Poland’s first vegan butcher, Meatless Meat Shop, has launched a range of new and exciting products.

With a 6-week expiration date, the vegan meat options include frankfurters, different varieties of sausage, pepperoni and burgers.

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