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In today’s Veggie Athletic Weekly News Digest: Why veganism is considered un-masculine and why we’re making it worse; The hypocrisy surrounding the Bali dog meat scandal; EU court bans ‘dairy style’ names; What The Health and Cowspiracy hacked; The impact of the USA’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement.

Veganism Is Considered Un-Masculine And We’re Making It Worse

Women are more likely to become vegan than men, but why is that?

Veganism and masculinity shouldn’t be linked, however, they often are. They are two completely different things. Being compassionate and kind to animals shouldn’t be linked exclusively to women.

Is there a reason why men seem to be more obsessed with meat, or an explanation as to why it is often associated with masculinity?

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Horrified By Bali Dog Meat Scandal? Then You’re A Hypocrite

Another day, another wave of Westerners complaining about Asia serving dog meat. The term ‘Yulin’ has become well known over the past few years, however, Bali is now at the heart of the newest dog meat scandal.

However, if you’re shocked by the Bali dog meat appearing online, you’re simply nothing more than a hypocrite.

Recent investigations have revealed that stalls in Bali are selling dog meat under the disguise of chicken, and tourists are appalled.

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EU Court BANS ‘Dairy-Style’ Names For Tofu + Soya Products

dairy free

The growth in veganism has led to a growth in dairy free products, such as Soya milk, vegan butter, vegan cheese etc. However, a recent ruling by an EU court has deemed these products as ‘misleading‘ and has stated that designations like milk and cheese can not be legally used for purely plant-based products.

German food company ‘TofuTown’ has been at the heart of the most recent dispute. Products such as their “Soyatoo Tofu Butter” and “Veggie Cheese” are supposedly breaking EU regulation, according to consumer protection group VSW.

The group claims to combat unfair competition and wanted to stop the company from calling soy and tofu products ‘milk’ and ‘cheese’.

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What The Health and Cowspiracy Hacked

what the health hacked

Now, we might be reaching a little here but it couldn’t ring more true to events that take place within the documentaries.

Both, What The Health and the Cowspiracy Facebook page have been hacked with both sharing spam and ‘click-bait’ articles. Their admins are supposedly locked out of their accounts with the pages yet to be recovered.

While What The Health has been available to watch since March 2017, it debuted on Netflix just three days ago.

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The Impact Of USA’s Withdrawal From The Paris Agreement On Agriculture

The US Presiden,t Donald Trump, made headlines around the world when he announced that he would start the process of withdrawing from the Paris Climate Agreement.

Only two other countries – Syria and Nicaragua – have declined to be part of the Agreement, which was seen as a major step towards a globally coordinated, long-term strategy for tackling climate change.

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