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In todays Veggie Athletic Weekly News Digest: A vegan campaign at an international sporting event; London Fashion Week protests; Study claims vegetarians have ‘poorer quality of life’; Bank of England to keep £5 note; Are vaccines vegan?; Two new vegan Ben and Jerry’s launched; Popski London use tortured, murdered animals.

Go Vegan World To Be The First Vegan Campaign At International Sporting Event

go vegan world

How cool is this? The same people that brought us London’s first vegan tube station will now be advertising at an international sporting event. Go Vegan World are doing amazing things at the moment. Go give them some love.

Veganism has never been talked about more.

Flaxseed eggs, sources of protein and cruelty-free makeup – veganism even made its way onto Newsnight last week.

But what people tend to forget is, that behind all of this talk the movement is about animal rights.

Go Vegan World, the world’s largest public awareness campaign around animal rights issues is already successfully bringing veganism to the mainstream.

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London Fashion Week Fur Protests In Full Swing

Fur is back again at London Fashion Week, and people are NOT happy about it. Despite a petition calling for it to be banned reaching over 90,000 signatures, designers are still promoting clothes made from the skin of others. As a result, London Fashion Week fur protests have been popping up all over London.

These protests have been covered by The Telegraph, Grazia and Yahoo News, and are getting a lot of attention.

london fashion week fur

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Vegetarians Have ‘Poorer Quality Of Life’ Study Claims

The Tab recently published an article claiming that vegetarians are more likely to have a poor quality of life and be more likely to contract diseases such as cancer, osteoporosis and depression or anxiety.

Supposedly vegetarians were more than twice as likely to have allergies as meat-eaters, they were three per cent more likely to contract cancer, and a massive 150 per cent more likely to have a heart attack. Vegetarians were also hit harder by 14 of the 18 illnesses monitored in the study – which included diabetes, migraines, and osteoporosis.

If you want to read a serious study with incredible findings, read The China Study.

The study also claimed that vegetarians were twice as likely to be mentally disturbed. Perhaps that’s because we have to stand by and watch while people murder, skin and torture animal for their ‘fashion sense’ or ‘favourite tastes’.

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Bank Of England To Keep £5 Note And Proceed With £10 Note

The Bank of England has decided not to withdraw plastic £5 banknotes from circulation, despite protests from vegans, animal rights activists and religious groups because the notes contain traces of animal fat.

The Bank is also pushing ahead with production of the new £10 polymer note featuring Jane Austen, which is to be issued in September. It has spent £70m on making the two plastic banknotes so far.

bank of england

It said: “Withdrawing £5 polymer banknotes and stopping production of £10 polymer banknotes would have significant implications for the Bank’s anti-counterfeiting strategy and threaten continuity of supply of banknotes to the public. It would carry environmental risks and impose significant financial costs on the Bank, and thereby the taxpayer, and on the cash industry.”

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Are Vaccines Vegan? Is It Ethical To Get Them?

I recently got embroiled on an online spat in a vegan Facebook group. The issue, are vaccines vegan? I 100% believe that they are, due to their role within society and the risks involved of not getting vaccinated. However, some argued it was not vegan, due to their ingredients and animal testing background.

So, are vaccines vegan? It depends on how you interpret the meaning of ‘vegan’. I go by this pretty much textbook definition;

Veganism is a way of living which seeks to exclude, as far as is possible and practicable, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose.

are vaccines vegan

This means that I don’t consume meat, dairy, eggs, honey or beeswax, and don’t purchase leather/ animal tested products etc. However, the key phrase within this definition is “as far as is possible and practicable”.

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The Science Behind A Perfect Night’s Sleep [Infographic]

It’s only when our sleep pattern becomes disrupted that we realise just how important a good night’s sleep is. Getting a consistent amount of sleep every night is a challenge at the best of times, thankfully scientists have been concerned with sleep research for many years and the tips offered in the below infographic are based on years of research aimed at improving sleep quality.

But before we even consider how to get a good night’s sleep, it’s important to understand what a good night’s sleep is. The National Sleep Foundation recently explained exactly what a good night’s sleep is with these four factors:

1. You take half an hour or less to fall asleep.
2. You wake up no more than once per night.
3. If you do wake up in the middle of the night, you fall back asleep within 20 minutes.
4. You’re asleep for at least 85% of the time you spend in bed.

If you are regularly meeting all four of these factors then in general you don’t have any problems with sleep. But if you are regularly failing to meet one of the factors then it’s likely your sleep pattern has room for improvement.

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Two New Vegan Ben And Jerry’s Launched

Ben & Jerry’s recently (and somewhat secretly) released two new vegan flavours, Cherry Garcia and Coconut Seven Layer Bar, adding to its growing non-dairy frozen desserts selection. An eagle-eyed Instagram user spotted the eats at a market in Philadelphia, PA.

“It was super good. Loved the graham and caramel swirls,” phillyveganmonster wrote in an Instagram caption. “The ice cream had almost a marshmallow taste to it kind of. A junk food miracle! EDIT: no honey! Has the certified vegan logo!”

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Popski London | Promoting Death And Torture Of Animals For ‘Fashion Sense’

Popski London, a Canada Goose alternative. Why is it fur is making such a huge comeback at the moment? I mean, what’s the appeal of wearing the flesh and hair of a murdered and tortured animal?

The clothing brand uses raccoon, mink and rabbit fur in their coats and accessories. Eating the flesh of a dead animal is already f*cked up but wearing their fur around your body, that should come under a sadistic mental disorder.

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MIC’s Lucy Watson’s Vegan Cookbook!

lucy watson's vegan cookbook

A large majority of reality stars are crowd following idiots to put it lightly. Which is what makes Lucy Watson so refreshing. Lucy Watson’s vegan cookbook is happening! She’s on a quest to make veganism as inviting as possible.

Having been a veggie since the age of 5 and vegan since 2015, she’s a huge animal rights advocate.

She’s been seen protesting Yulin, as well as being part of PETA and the RSPCSA. Her Instagram is also fabulous. It shows her delicious vegan meals, as well as reminding people why it’s important to be vegan.

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