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In today’s Veggie Athletic Weekly news Digest: Temple of Seitan opens cafe and shop; Moby retires from touring to focus on animal activism; Woolworth sees spike in vegan sales and will launch more products; Supermodel Karlie Kloss thinks Beyond Meat is the future of meat; Rainn Wilson wants Indonesia to ban dog meat trade; Shocking footage shows pigs being beaten on British farm; New survey set to reveal the worst British supermarkets for plastic pollution.

Temple Of Seitan Opens Cafe And Shop

temple of seitan

Vegan chicken shop Temple of Seitan has opened a cafe and store named ‘Temple Goods’, which can be found in Hackney Downs Studios.

Temple of Seitan opened their flagship restaurant back in 2016 in Hackney, and since then have opened another restaurant in Camden.

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Moby Retires From Touring To Focus On Animal Activism


Vegan musician Moby has revealed in an interview with the Daily Telegraph that he will no longer be going on tour, and instead plans to focus on fighting for animal rights.

He told the newspaper: “Even sitting backstage for someone else’s tour made me never want to go on tour again. I toured for such a long time. There are so many other things to do in life.

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Woolworths Sees Spike In Vegan Sales And Will Launch More Options

woolworths vegan sales

Woolworths, one of Australia’s largest retail chains, has reported that sales of vegan products have increased by 10 percent in the last 12 months.

Speaking to Canstar Blue, a Woolworths spokesperson said: “We’ve seen a strong increase in demand for vegan products in the past year, and we’re working to create even more choice and variety for our customers.

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Supermodel Karlie Kloss Thinks Beyond Burger Is The Future Of Meat

karlie kloss beyond meat

On a recent visit to the Beyond Meat production facility, Victoria’s Secret supermodel Karlie Kloss said she thinks the Beyond Burger is the future of meat.

Kloss is the owner of Kode with Klossy, an organisation set up to help more women enter careers that have been typically male-dominated.

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Rainn Wilson Wants Indonesia To Ban Dog Meat

rainn wilson

Vegan actor Rainn Wilson, best known for his portrayal of Dwight Schrute, has taken to Instagram to talk about the horrific slaughter of dogs for meat in Indonesia.

Wilson publicly went vegan back in 2017, talking about his decision to cut animal products out of his diet on late night talk show ‘Conan’.

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Shocking Footage Shows Pigs Being Beaten On British Farm

Undercover footage shows pigs being repeatedly kicked in the head and jabbed with pitchforks at a farm in Lincolnshire.

The farm, Fir Tree Farm, is owned by one of the country’s biggest producers.

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New Survey Set To Reveal The Worst British Supermarkets For Plastic Pollution

The Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) and Greenpeace UK are conducting a survey of major UK grocery retailers, their use of single-use plastic packaging and their targets to reduce it.

The results, due in the autumn, are expected to reveal the volume of single-use plastic packaging each retailer puts onto the market every year, their targets to reduce plastic packaging, and their approach to tackling plastic pollution across their supply chains.

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  1. Karlie Kloss and Kode with Klossy were such grand scams they were busted. Kloss was a fake coder and the poor kids and their parents who were suckered into this mess are hopefully going to be compensated for Kloss’s crimes. Kloss is looking at big prison time for orchestrating this terror. 8(

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