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In today’s Veggie Athletic Weekly News Digest: Sainsbury’s to sell vegan pizza; Slaughterhouse ordered to pay legal fees after wrongly accusing vegan group; James Arthur goes vegan after watching What The Health; UK supermarkets sold pork infected with hepatitis; Borough Market to become UK’s first to ban plastic bottles; A build up to The Animal Rights March London 2017; Ben and Jerry’s asks the public what vegan flavours they’d like to see; Natalie Portman to receive environmental award; PETA credits Okja for surge in vegan Google searches; Motorway banner urges public to watch Land of Hope and Glory.

BREAKING: Vegan Pizza To Hit Sainsbury’s Shelves THIS WEEK!

sainsbury's vegan pizza

It’s been announced that a ready-made vegan pizza is set to hit Sainsbury’s shelf by the end of the week.

Sainsbury’s will begin selling pizza from The White Rabbit Pizza Co. which is both gluten free and completely vegan!

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Slaughterhouse Ordered To Pay Legal Fees After Wrongly Accusing Vegan Group

A judge has ordered slaughterhouse Manning Beef to pay $94,500 in attorneys’ fees for its lawsuit against Los Angeles Cow Save.

Superior Court of California Judge Barbara A. Meiers ruled the decision after finding the slaughterhouse falsely accused the Los Angeles Cow Save group of trespassing on their property.

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James Arthur Goes Vegan After Watching What The Health

James Arthur, X-Factor winner and British singer/songwriter, has switched to a vegan diet after watching What The Health.

What The Health, released earlier this year, looks at the harrowing effects animal products have on our bodies health.

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UK Supermarket Sold Pork Infected With Hepatitis

Public Health England have revealed one UK supermarket may have infected thousands of people with hepatitis after selling infected meat.

Scientists traced the shopping habits of 60 patients found to have the HEV G3-2 strain of Hepatitis E.

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Borough Market To Become Britain’s First To Ban Plastic Bottles

Borough Market is set to become the UK’s first market to ban plastic bottles.

Over the next 6 months, Borough Market will phase out the sale of plastic bottles at the 114 stalls that take residence at the market in a bid to become the UK’s greenest shopping destination.

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The Animal Rights March 2017 – Will You Be There?

animal rights march 2017

Last year marked the very first official Animal Rights March, and this year, it’s back. The Official Animal Rights March 2017 will take place in the heart of London, and aims to be bigger and better than before.

With over 10 thousand people marked as going or interested on the event, it looks like it will surpass last years crowds of almost 3 thousand people.

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What Flavours Do You Want To See? Ben And Jerry’s Asks The Public For Vegan Advice

vegan ben and jerry's

After Ben and Jerry’s announced they would be entering the British vegan ice-cream market, they now want your advice on which new flavours they should launch!

Currently, the ice cream is only available in North America, with 7 different flavours now on sale.

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Natalie Portman To Receive Environmental Award

Vegan actor, Natalie Portman, is set to be awarded an environmental award for her efforts to promote environmental progress and innovation.

Forbes has reported that she will receive the Ongoing Commitment Award from the Environmental Media Association [EMA].

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PETA Credits Okja For Surge In ‘Vegan’ Google Searches

okja peta

According to animal rights group PETA, the current surge in ‘vegan’ Google searches is a result of the film Okja.

Okja tells the story of a ‘superpig’ who has been genetically modified to feed as many people as possible.

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Motorway Banner Encourages Public To Watch Vegan Documentary

A banner has emerged, hanging over the M32 motorway, near Bristol. The banner reads “Land of Hope and Glory, watch on YouTube.”

The documentary the banner refers to is the newly released vegan documentary that shows never before seen footage of the atrocities that take place in slaughterhouses across the country. It’s being branded as the UK Earthlings.

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So Delicious Brings Another Vegan Cheese To Market

Dairy-free brand So Delicious is set to bring three new vegan cheese options to stores.

The new options include Cheddar, Cheddar Jack, and Mozzarella, with the brand claiming all three melt perfectly, making them perfect for pizzas.

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