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In today’s Veggie Athletic Weekly News Digest: Beyond Burger set to be sold in 465 TGI Fridays restaurants; Boots prepare to launch USA style vegan sandwich; Mid-wales egg factory has planning permission refused; Mexico bans fishing in 57,000 square miles of ocean; Utah to pay $349k to settle lawsuit over ‘Ag-Gag” law; London cafe sales booming after going vegan; 15,000 scientists urge public to adopt vegan diet; Pamela Anderson urges Naomi Campbell to stop wearing fur; Our vegan Christmas gift guide.

Beyond Burger Set To Be Sold In 465 TGI Fridays Restaurants

tgi friday's beyond burger

Plant-based meat company, Beyond Meat, will launch their Beyond Burger in over 465 TGI Fridays restaurants this January.

TGI Fridays started the rollout with a trial at 6 locations in the US: Dartmouth, Mansfield, Attleboro, Providence, Seekonk and Taunton. The response to the trial was positive and will now see TGI Fridays including the Beyond Burger in outlets across the US.

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Boots Prepare To Launch New USA Style Vegan Sandwich


High street retailer Boots has been asking the public via a poll which new USA style vegan sandwich they would like put into the meal deal.

Boots took to Twitter on Thursday to ask which flavour the public would like to see in their limited edition meal deal range.

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Mid-Wales Egg Factory Has Planning Permission Refused

A chicken egg factory, which would see 32,000 chickens slaughtered annually, has been refused planning permission for a site in Newton, mid-Wales.

The decision came after a petition against the proposal was created and signed by local residents and animal activists.

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Mexico Bans Fishing In 57,000 Square Miles Of Ocean


Whether it’s from pollution, over fishing or climate change, our ocean is suffering in unimaginable ways. Luckily, Mexico has decided to ban fishing in an area of 57,000 square miles.

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Utah To Pay $349K To Settle Lawsuit Over ‘Ag-Gag’ Law

egg factory

Utah will pay $349k to settle a lawsuit that successfully overturned the ban on secret filming at farm and livestock facilities.

The settlement will cover the cost of lawyers and other case-related costs generated by animal rights groups that challenged the law.

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London Cafe Sales Are Booming After Going Vegan

vegan cafe

The Fields Beneath is a cafe in North London, and has been 100% vegan since March. Since then, profits have increased by 10%, and they’re now looking at opening a second location.

You may remember their sign making the round on Facebook earlier this year, telling customers that they would no longer be using cows milk, as well as why.

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15,000 Scientists Urge Population To Adopt Vegan Diet

vegan diet

15,000 scientist from 184 countries are urging the population to prevent ‘imminent world demise’, and adopt a vegan diet.

In October, an article was published by the Alliance of World Scientists outlining the importance of changing human behaviour in order to prevent environmental disaster.

The article came as an update to the 1992 paper published by the Union of Concerned Scientists, which warned us of the implications of human behaviour.

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Pamela Anderson Asks Naomi Campbell To Ditch Fur

vegan celebrity

Vegan celebrity Pamela Anderson is a vegan hero and has penned an open letter for supermodel Naomi Campbell, who was recently seen wearing a fox fur coat.

Campbell wore a long coat made from red fox fur at the Manhattan Centre last week, with at least 12 animals dying for her coat to be made.

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62 Vegan Christmas Gift Ideas | 2017 Guide

vegan christmas gift ideas

It’s that time of year again, the festive season is upon us. You might’ve seen Christmas lights starting to spring up here, there and everywhere. We know the real thing of peoples’ minds though. Presents! Whether you’re giving or receiving here’s a bunch of vegan Christmas gift ideas!

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