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In today’s Veggie Athletic Weekly News Digest: Tiger Temple to open new facility; ASDA introduce vegan labelling; M&S caught cramming baby cows in tiny cages; Britain’s first vegan visitor centre opens; Why you should stop eating octopus; Study finds tech users more willing to pay for vegan apps; The best vegan restaurants in Leeds; Our favourite vegan pancake recipe; Hens kept in illegal conditions on Indian farms; Why we need hunt sabs.


Tiger Temple To Open New Facility | More Tigers To Be Enslaved

tiger temple

The company behind Thailand’s controversial Tiger Temple has changed its name to Golden Tiger Co. Ltd. and is planning to open a brand new tiger entertainment facility.

Yet, it isn’t a tiger entertainment attraction, it’s a human entertainment attraction were tigers are wrongfully treated.

According to the World Animal Protection charity: “Construction has already started at the new site in Kachanaburi in the west of Thailand. Given the appalling conditions at the former Tiger Temple, which ultimately led to its closure, we’re urging the Thai government not to activate the full zoo license needed for another tiger entertainment venue to be opened.”

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Young Cows Crammed In Cages at M&S Dairy Farm

dairy farm

A recent investigation has uncovered that a dairy farm that supplies milk for M&S is keeping young cows in small, solitary pens for up to 6 months.

The farm in dorset enslaves around 1,000 calves in tiny cages despite animal welfare laws banning the solitary confinement of calves beyond 8 weeks old.

Footage taken by the welfare group Animal Equality UK shows some of the larger calves barely being able to take a step forward or back.

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ASDA Vegan Labelling – A Supermarket Breakthrough!

asda vegan labelling

Shopping as a vegan is luckily getting easier and easier, with ASDA leading the way. ASDA vegan labelling means that everyday items such as ketchup, soup and even vodka will now be adorned with the Vegan trademark, ensuring you can purchase items without scouring the ingredients first.

How many times have you bought an item and thought you checked the ingredients, only to find later on you missed the beeswax/honey/oyster sauce/milk powder? Too damn many if you ask me.

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Britain’s First Vegan Visitor Centre Opens | The Green Britain Centre

The Green Britain Centre in Swaffham, Norfolk, has become the first vegan visitor centre in Britain. This comes following the appointment of a new head chef and a change in menu. The centre is built to show Britain in a way where we live sustainably.

It features a 100m, climbable windmill, a solar panel that tracks the movements of the sun, an organic garden, 2 record breaking renewable cars, an events space and a variety of other hands-on features.

The cafe’s menu turned vegetarian back in 2011 but has since adopted a full vegan offering. The final step in that process was removing cows milk from the menu.

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Why You Should Stop Eating Octopus – NOW!

stop eating octopus

Octopus are pretty gross, there’s no denying that. In fact, if I saw one in the sea, I would genuinely run out screaming. That doesn’t however, justify it okay to eat them. I appreciate Octopi, and it turns out they are in fact some of the smartest animals on the planet. This, is why you should stop eating octopus, if you already haven’t.

Ignoring the fact that Octopi are sentient beings therefore don’t deserve to die for someones meal, there are many reasons why people should stop eating Octopus.

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Tech Users Willing To Pay More For Plant-Based Apps

Recent research has shown that people are willing to spend more money for a veggie or vegan app than a fitness one. Insurance2go carried out the study and found that 57 percent of Brits are happy to spend up to £11.99 on apps and downloads that promote a veggie or vegan diet.

This compares to just 37 percent who are willing to spend the same amount on a fitness app.

Furthermore, 92 percent who have downloaded a vegan app to convert them to a compassionate diet have said that it helped them to stay vegan for good.

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Best Vegan Restaurants Leeds – Takeaway + Dine In

best vegan restaurants leeds

You may not think of Leeds as the vegan centre of the world, however it’s actually extremely vegan friendly. Whether you live here or are just staying, here are some of the best vegan restaurants Leeds has to offer, tried and tested by moi!

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Easy Vegan Pancake Recipe! Light and Fluffy

easy vegan pancake recipe

Pancakes are delicious, no one can deny. However, finding an easy vegan pancake recipe can be a bit of a drag, especially when there are so many out there.

I’ve tried a recipe using bananas, but found it a bit of a pain as I don’t always have bananas in. Yet, I’ve now found the perfect recipe! You will 100% have the ingredients already in your cupboard, and it takes just a few minutes to make.

This recipe makes about 6 small pancakes, so best to double the recipe.

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Hens Kept In Illegal Cages On Indian Egg Farms

illegal cages battery farm

Animal Equality, an animal rights charity, has published the results of an investigation into the Indian egg industry. On top of the horrendous life hens have to live, their findings revealed that some producers are using cruel and illegal battery cages in spite of an animal welfare act prohibiting it.

The charity investigated several egg farms between August and December 2016.

Investigations discovered a number of breaches, including four to eight hens crammed in a cage no bigger than two iPads, hens stepping on each other in an attempt to find space and move and hens with sore, deformed and cracked feet. This is along with cages stacked on each other meaning urine and faeces would fall on birds in cages beneath them.

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Hunt Sabs And Why We Need Them

You may have seen a great video doing the rounds on Facebook recently, about hunt saboteurs (hunt sabs). These are people that go along to hunts, and distract the hounds/hunters and employ tactics to allow the hunted animal to get away. All pretty great stuff really.

Hunt sab groups exist up and down the country, and really, really piss off hunters. You know why? Because their tactics work! Hunting is thank goodness a dying sport for the rich and the old, and the hunt sabs are a manifestation of the publics hate for those who hunt innocent animals for ‘fun’.

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