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In today’s Veggie Athletic Weekly News Digest: ‘Bleeding’ vegan burger launches at over 400 pubs across the UK; Tesco has sold 4 million Wicked Kitchen meals since January; Costa Coffee launches new vegan cookie and savoury lunch option; UK experiences 30% increase in plant-based milk sales; Britain to ban electric dog collars; Ireland experiences 119% increase in vegan food delivery; Study shows men fear shame of ordering veggie options.

‘Bleeding’ Vegan Burger Launches At Over 400 Pubs Across The UK

moving mountain's marston's vegan burger

From September 5th over 400 Marston’s pubs across the UK will begin selling the Moving Mountains ‘bleeding’ vegan burger.

The new burger will be available in 413 Marston’s pubs and has become the fastest taste-to-table menu offering in the pub brand’s history.

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Tesco Has Sold 4 Million Wicked Kitchen Meals Since January

wicked kitchen sell 4 million units since january

Leading British supermarket Tesco has sold 4 million Wicked Kitchen meals since its launch in January of this year.

Tesco has been selling roughly 120,000 Wicked Kitchen units every week, with the brand becoming increasingly popular with the British vegan public.

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Costa Coffee Launches New Vegan Cookie And Savoury Lunch Option

costa coffee vegan cookie

Costa Coffee has launched a new September menu consisting of a vegan sticky toffee cookie and a curry meal pot.

Available from this Autumn, the new options will be available in Costa Coffee shops across the UK.

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UK Experiences 30% Increase In Sales Of Plant-Based Milk

plant-based milk

Information collected by market researchers Mintel shows that there has been a 30% increase in the sales of plant-based milk in the UK since 2015.

They found that in particular, almond milk is dominating the dairy-free market.

The researchers found that UK plant-based milk sales in 2017 totalled a staggering £376 million, which is having a significant impact on dairy farmers.

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Britain To Ban Electric Dog Collars

electric dog collars

Electric dog collars are to be banned in Britain following years of campaigning by animal rights organizations.

It is expected that Michael Gove, the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, will make the announcement later this week.

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Ireland Experiences 119% Increase In Vegan Food Delivery


According to data collected by Deliveroo, there has been a 119% increase in demand for vegan takeaways since 2017 in Ireland.

They also found that there was a 40% increase in demand for dishes containing avocado.

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Study Shows Men Fear Shame Of Ordering Veggie Food

vegetarian options

Researchers have found that British men are afraid to pick vegetarian options when dining out, due to a fear of being socially shunned by friends and family.

The study, conducted by the University of Southampton, found that even men who dislike meat or avoid meat for health struggled to pick a vegetarian or vegan dish.

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