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In todays Veggie Athletic Weekly News Digest: Going vegan will make no difference, right?; Are Zoos cruel?; Chickens may be as smart as dolphins; A journey to becoming vegan; Mary Minihane, proving vegan is the key to thriving in old age; Marks and Spencer vegan sandwiches.

It Won’t Make A Difference If I Go Vegan, Right?

make a difference

You often hear people saying it, you might’ve even said it yourself before. It’s not REALLY going to make a difference if you go vegan, is it?

For some, they use it as an excuse not to make the switch to a vegan lifestyle whereas others simply don’t understand the effects moving to that lifestyle will have. Here’s why going vegan is going to make a difference (and oh yes, it’s going to be huge)!

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Are Zoos Cruel? What Are The Alternatives?

are zoos cruel

Some of my favourite childhood memories include visiting zoos. I’ve always loved animals, so being able to see them up close was a dream come true. However, opinions are now changing. SeaWorld is stopping its Orca shows, Ringling Brothers have shut down, and who can forget Harambe. So, are zoos cruel? Or are they necessary for conservation?

There’s no denying that zoos are unnatural. Visit one and you’ll see animals designed for completely different climates, in enclosures that come nowhere near close to what they would have in the wild.

For example, Singapore Zoo has a Polar Bear in an enclosure the size of an apartment, when in the wild they can swim over 48km a day.

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Chickens Might Be As Smart As Dolphins


A study published this week in the peer-reviewed scientific journal Animal Cognition, detailed the intelligence of chickens. Most, typically brand them as a stupid bird that lacks any intelligence whatsoever. However, the findings are the very opposite.

Among the observations in the paper:

  • Chickens possess some understanding of numbers and basic arithmetic.
  • They communicate in complex ways, including referential communication, which may depend upon a level of self-awareness and the ability to take the perspective of another animal.

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Man Loses 200lbs, Becomes Vegan Marathon Runner

Josh LaJuanie is another vegan showing how amazing the lifestyle is. From fat to lean, he’s transformed himself from a couch potato to an accomplished vegan marathon runner.

vegan marathon runner

In his own words, Josh LaJaunie grew up hunting, fishing, drinking, eating playing football and getting fat. As he tipped the scales at 400lbs (180kg) in 2011, he decided to change his life after he read about a vegan marathon runner.

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A Journey To Becoming Vegan

I should start by saying I have come into this a little overweight but quite active, I make an effort to cycle regularly and have been pushing myself to try and run once a week.

Inspired by friends I cycle with as well as a few vegan athletes including Durianrider and VeganCyclist, I decided in early January to take on veganism for a minimum of 4 weeks to see how I found it and how it affected my body. The following is my account of changing my life to fit with a vegan lifestyle.

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Mary Minihane Proving Veganism Is The Key To Thriving

mary minihane

Eating vegan throughout your life is going to protect you from chronic disease and a whole host of other diseases. Now, we’re seeing living examples of this. Mary Minihane is a prime example that eating vegan is key to thriving (and surviving) in later life.

Back in 1974 as a young woman, when Mary made the decision to never eat meat again, she stood out from the crowd. Nowadays it’s a mainstream lifestyle decision and most restaurants offer vegetarian options.

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A New Year Resolution That’s Good For You AND The Planet

Veganism getting more good press in mainstream media? Can you believe it? The Guardian recently published an article discussing the amazing benefits of a vegan lifestyle. They focused on the environment in particular.

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Marks and Spencer Vegan Sandwiches – Finally!

marks and spencer vegan

Veganism is becoming much more mainstream, however it seems as if Marks and Spencer has only just realised! While Pret and other coffee shops have had at least one vegan options, M and S have always been severely lacking.

However, Marks and Spencer vegan sandwiches have finally arrived! Along with some delicious looking veggie ‘bowls’. No more packet of crisps and a measly samosa for me!

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