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In today’s Veggie Athletic Weekly News Digest: Kylie Jenner teases with going vegan; Cows’ milk may now be branded as ‘inhumane’; Chef fired for bragging he fed meat to vegans; Tesla makes vegan seats standard across all cars; Vegan vending machines set to spread over San Francisco; Veggie Grill hoping to expand across the US; NARS makeup is boycotted after china animal testing scandal; Vegan Beyond Burger to be served in cinemas; Quorn set to double production to meet rising demand; Aldi announce all own-brand cleaning products are cruelty-free; UK to only permit electric cars by 2040; Brazil to serve one vegan meal a week; PETA’s sexiest vegans of 2017 announced.

Kylie Jenner Teases Snapchat Fans With Going Vegan

Yesterday, Kylie Jenner surprised fans when she posted two images to Snapchat as she tried two different vegan meals.

The photos show her eating vegan tacos and raw vegan nachos, both of which look delicious!

The caption of one image read “I’m trying this whole vegan thing”.

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BREAKING: Cows’ Milk Can Now Be Branded ‘Inhumane’ Following ‘Landmark’ Ruling

Vegans may now brand cows’ milk inhumane following a recent ruling. The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) ruled in favour of an activist group’s anti-dairy campaign.

The ruling came after the National Farmer’s Union complained to the watchdog about Go Vegan World’s campaign ‘Humane milk is a myth’.

The first vegan tube station launches.

The campaign appeared across newspapers, billboards, train stations, buses and taxis in February, challenging many people’s beliefs.

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Chef Fired For Bragging That He Secretly Feeding Meat To Vegans

If you’re new to the lifestyle, eating out as a vegan can be tough. You’re probably conscious of what those around will think and you don’t want to be a pain for the restaurant.

How to answer any common argument you might face as a vegan!

Things like this really don’t help settle any worries.

In the Littleover Lodge Hotel in Derby, head chef, Alex Lambert, bragged to his Instagram followers that he put meat in vegan dishes.

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Tesla Reveals All Seat Options Are Now Vegan


A few months back, Tesla announced they would be adding a vegan interior option for their latest Model S and X cars. Now, they have made vegan seats standard across all of their cars.

While leather steering wheels still remain, Tesla has said they will always provide a vegan alternative option.

Read: When Tesla first announced vegan offerings within their cars. 

While Tesla does not explicitly relate to the material as vegan, the ‘premium’ designated interior options are for the vegan synthetic seats that were rolled out earlier this year.

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Vegan Vending Machines Are Arriving In San Franciso

vegan vending machines

Food startup, leCupboard, is set to release a series of vegan vending machines across San Francisco. The launch will take place in August, with the exact locations not yet specified.

leCupboard have a chain of high technology, automatic restaurants, which serves food through a series of iPads and lockers.

leCupboards pretty-looking food offerings, like chia pudding breakfast jars, lentil salads, and zucchini noodles with walnut pesto, all in nicely-designed to-go boxes.

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Vegan Fast Food Veggie Grill Chain Set To Expand Across US

veggie grill

Veggie Grill was the first restaurant to add the famous Beyond Burger to its menu. The chain currently has 28 different locations across Washington, California, and Oregon but will now be expanding into Chicago.

This will be the brand’s first mid-west expansion and the outlet will be opened in the Lakeview/Lincoln Park neighborhood. The brand recently received $22 million in funding to boost their efforts of expansion.

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Nars Make-Up Is BOYCOTTED After China Animal Testing Scandal

nars make-up

Nars is a major player in the global make-up world, and they’re recently making headlines for all the wrong reasons. Nars make-up has been boycotted by thousands of its fans, after it came out that they would start selling their products in China.

China has very strict rules on cosmetics, and require all brands being sold in the country to be first tested on animals. Therefore companies such as Nars, which do not normally test on animals, find themselves in a sticky situation.

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Vegan Beyond Burger To Be Served In Cinemas

beyond burger

A national cinema chain in the US has added the Beyond Burger to its menu at locations in Austin, Texas.

Beyond Burger has been making headlines for all the right reasons over the past few months, going from strength to strength.

Alamo Drafthouse, the cinema that will begin serving the burger, is famous for their movie and meal combinations. The chain currently has a veggie option available however, they saw Beyond Burger as another opportunity.

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Quorn Set To Double Production To Meet Demand

The meat-free brand Quorn is set to double their production in order to meet rising demand for the products. It comes as meat-free diets have surged in recent years.

The company announced that global sales in the first half of 2017 were up by 19% with sales in the UK also rising by 15%.

Veganism is currently experiencing a bumper period and online trends and Google searches reflect that.

Quorn Chief Executive, Kevin Brennan, said: “We’re actually tracking ahead of expected growth. We’re very pleased with the breadth of growth around the world; strong UK as well as growth and general progress in US and other international markets.”

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Aldi Announce Own-Brand Cleaning Products Go Cruelty Free

aldi cruelty free cleaning products

Aldi has certified its own brand of cleaning products as 100% cruelty-free.

The products will now feature the internationally recognised Leaping Bunny Logo, which is the recognised symbol for certifying cosmetics and household products as cruelty-free.

While this doesn’t mean the products are specifically vegan, it does mean that they are guaranteed to not have been tested on animals. However, it’s commonplace that a majority of products not tested on animals also refrain from animal products, making them vegan.

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UK Set To Ban Petrol And Diesel Cars By 2040

Environment Secretary Michael Gove will propose that all cars on the UK’s road should eventually be electric or hybrid by 2040. The proposed ruling will ban the sale of petrol or diesel cars from 2040 onwards.

It comes as other countries around Europe have taken similar measure, with France being the most recent of them.

While the eventual switch to electric will help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, many people believe the date is simply too late. 40,000 people currently die every year in the UK from the illegal pollution rates that plague many areas throughout the country.

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Brazil To Serve One Vegan Meal A Week In Schools

Public schools across three different cities in Brazil have committed themselves to the change, meaning approximately 140,000 vegan meals will be served every week.

Three Brazilian cities—Várzea Grande, Cuiabá, and Sao Gonçalo—have committed to serving one plant-based meal per week at city-run schools under the Alimentação Consciente Brasil (“Conscious Eating Brasil”) food policy program initiated by animal-rights organization Mercy For Animals (MFA).

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PETA’s Sexiest Vegans 2017 REVEALED!

peta's sexiest vegans

PETA loves celebrating good looking vegans, from their vegan next door competition to sexiest celebrity, everyone loves a beautiful vegan. PETA’s sexiest vegans 2017 have been announced, and this year the title goes to 3 Hollywood babes.

Runners up included Jessica Lange, Peter Dinklage, Michelle Pffeifer and Kate McKinnon.

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