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In today’s Veggie Athletic Weekly News Digest: US vegan meat sales rise by 24%; 188 rats killed in product testing for Impossible Burger; Brussels bans animal testing on cats, dogs and primates; Chipotle UK launches first vegan item; Hector Bellerin has ‘never felt better’ since going vegan; Ne-Yo credits veganism for curing chronic pain.

US Vegan Meat Sales Rise By 24%

vegan meat

Plant-based meat sales have increased drastically in the US, rising by 24% over the past 12 months.

This increase has resulted in over $670 million in sales.

The research was collected by the Plant-Based Foods Association (PBFA), which looked at consumer trends towards vegan food within the US.

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188 Rats Killed In Product Testing For Impossible Burger

impossible burger

Impossible Foods, the creator of the Impossible Burger, has voluntarily tested on and killed 188 rats during product development in three separate tests.

Although not required to do so by law, the Impossible Burger was fed to 188 rats, who were then killed and dissected to assess the effects of eating the burger in large quantities.

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Brussels Bans Animal Testing On Dogs, Cats, And Primates

animal testing

The Brussels Capital Region of Belgium has announced that they will officially be banning animal testing that involves dogs, cats and primates.

This law will come into action on the 1st January 2020, and from 2025 animal experiments will also be banned in education and safety testing unless deemed “absolutely necessary”.

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Chipotle UK Launches First Vegan Item

chipotle uk

Chipotle UK has released their first vegan menu item, a braised tofu option that promises an ‘exciting new taste’.

Chipotle describe the describes the new item as; “slow-cooked, deliciously tender braised tofu (sofritas) is made with onions, garlic, cumin and paprika, all simmered in chopped tomatoes with a sprinkle of oregano.”

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Hector Bellerin ‘Has Never Felt Better’ Since Going Vegan

hector bellerin

Arsenal full-back Hector Bellerin believes he has never felt better since transitioning to a plant-based diet last year.

Bellerin is alongside other top athletes such as David Haye, Lewis Hamilton and Jermain Defoe who believe plant-based eating has improved their athletic performance.

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Ne-Yo Credits Veganism For Curing Chronic Pain


Award-winning American singer Ne-Yo has credited veganism for curing the agonising pain he suffered as a result of tendonitis.

Real name Shaffer Chimere Smith, Ne-Yo first adopted a plant-based diet last year after watching ‘What The Health’.

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