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In today’s Veggie Athletic Weekly News Digest: Are people beginning to boycott Canada Goose?; Zizzi to release MORE vegan dishes; Sainsbury’s to help customers cut down on meat; Why social media is so important for veganism; 2016 vegan survey results; Vegan Egg becomes available at Holland and Barrett; The best vegan hair care products.

Are People Beginning To Boycott Canada Goose?

boycott canada goose

Canada Goose is a company fuelled by blood. Their fur trims are taken from wild coyotes, trapped in appalling traps and left in agonising pain. Therefore, to see companies beginning to boycott Canada Goose is some of the best news of the year so far.

In fact, the partnership between the Berlin International Film Festival and Canada Goose has just come to a close. Although the exact cause of this partnership ending is not clear, it is important that it has in fact ended. With the protests and awareness around Canada Goose only growing, it doesn’t surprise me that brands are starting to distance themselves from the company.

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Zizzi To Release MORE Vegan Dishes In March | Sales Up 150%


Zizzi, the chain that started the rush of high street vegan food. Before then, we struggled to find a chain that would dedicate a whole menu to vegans. Now, it seems they’re looking to embrace this further and build on their current success.

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Zizzi has already sold 30,000 vegan dishes in 2017 as it says diners continue to embrace Veganaury, a month-long campaign aimed at getting more people to try giving up animal products.

The chain plans on adding more vegan dishes to its menu after the success of its existing vegan options, which include pizzas with a dairy-free cheese made from rice.

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Sainsbury’s To Help Customers Cut Down On Meat

Sainsbury’s plans to rearrange its supermarket aisles in an attempt to persuade shoppers to eat less meat.

The grocer is teaming up with Oxford University scientists who say that reducing meat consumption would improve people’s health and fight climate change.

Sainsbury’s could start giving vouchers to customers who buy vegetable products and putting vegetarian alternatives next to packets of meat.

The supermarket also plans to give out leaflets with meat-free recipes, reported The Observer.

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The Power Of Vegan Social Media

vegan social media

Social media is SO important. We use it to get our news, talk to our friends and interact with complete strangers over common interests. We’re spending more and more time everyday on social media. Think Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube. These are all huge at the moment. It made me think. Just how important is social media for the vegan movement? Well, simply put, vegan social media is perhaps the strongest way forward to convert more people to a vegan lifestyle.

Sharing things on your Facebook, making Youtube videos or uploading a photo to Instagram are all ways for you to easily interact with your friends or followers.

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2016 Vegan Survey Makes For Interesting Read

vegan survey

A recent vegan survey published on Vomad has attempted to document some statistics about the vegan population and why most people go vegan. The survey was only conducted in Australia and was taken by 726 participants.

The survey shows that the vegan lifestyle is still heavily dominated by women (however, this is rapidly changing). Perhaps the most surprising stat was that only 2.5% of people turned vegan because of street activism.

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Holland And Barrett Start Selling Vegan Egg

vegan egg

Anyone switching to an animal-free diet won’t have to miss out on eggs as health shop Holland & Barrett has launched a new vegan substitute – made out of algae. Despite the fact that the new Vegan Egg is entirely plant-based, you can still use it to make scrambled eggs or even use them in a cake.

The Vegan Egg comes in a very similar box to a normal egg container – but instead of eggs inside is a 114g pouch of yellow powder, the equivalent of a dozen eggs.

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Vegan Hair Care Products You Can’t Live Without

Veganism is more than simply what you eat, and vegan hair care is something very few think about. Many companies test on animals, and many also use animal products. So what out there is vegan? And what is the best?

LUSH ‘Daddy-O’ Purple Shampoo

vegan hair care

I got given this for Christmas, and I absolutely love it. Although designed with blondes in mind, it will soften and add shine to any colour hair. The purple tones are gentle enough to be used more regularly than regular purple shampoo, and it’s a very good price! (£5.75/100g).

It’s hard to go wrong with LUSH, and this is their first vegan hair care product that I’ve tried. So far, so good!

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