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In todays Veggie Athletic Weekly News Digest: You’re wasting your time doing street activism; Forging vegan muscle; Give up animal products for Lent; Interest vs commitment; Warrens Bakery release vegan option; Is almond milk safe for children?; Identifying vegan protein sources; Influential vegan athletes.

Why You’re Wasting Your Time Doing Street Activism

street activism

Got your attention? Thought so. Hear me out.

Vegan street activism may seem like a great way to support and promote the vegan message. It is. But, it’s not the best way. In fact, you can reach more people and deliver stronger messages from sitting at home on your sofa or spending 10 minutes on your phone anywhere in the world.

Sure, street activism, speeches and animal saves are attention grabbing and a bunch of people see what you’re doing.

However, if your goal is to convert more people to a vegan lifestyle and help people think more consciously, then the street isn’t the place for your activism.

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Forging Vegan Muscle

vegan muscle

Looking to build muscle, but struggling with a plant based diet? As an athlete, one of the main reasons I hesitated going vegan was not because I was going to give up meat or dairy. It was because like many athletes, I was concerned about my macronutrient balance, particular protein (Yes I know, that age old question, “Where do you get your protein?”) but more importantly my daily caloric intake.

The question lingered, could I build mass and maintain my daily caloric needs on a plant based diet?

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Why You Should Give Up Animal Products This Lent 2017

Whether you’re religious or not, Lent is like New Years resolutions 2.0. So, what are you going to give up this Lent 2017? If you missed out on Veganuary but are still interested, why not give veganism a go?

You don’t have to focus on losing weight, you could just concentrate on feeling healthier. Whether you want to get more energy, sleep better at night or clear up your skin, Lent could be the perfect excuse to give it a try.

So, why bother?

lent 2017

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You’re ‘Interested’ But Not Committed

Animal ethics.

The environment.

Healthy eating.

All of these are things some care about more than others. You might care about the state of the environment or treating animals right. Or, you might just be really interested in healthy eating.

Well, here’s the difference. ‘Interested’ and ‘committed’.

You might think you care about one or all of these but, if you aren’t vegan, I can assure you, you don’t really care.

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Oldest Cornish Pasty Maker Releases Vegan Option | Warrens Bakery

warrens bakery

The firm which claims to be the world’s oldest Cornish pasty maker has reported a turnover hike to £14.6 million – but still made a small loss for the year – and is now selling vegan pasties.

Warrens Bakery is headquartered in Penzance but has a significant Plymouth operation, with about 10 outlets in the city.

Its latest accounts, for the year to June 2016, reflect what it describes as continued success from its rebranded stores.

Warrens Bakery is now predicting growth in 2017 thanks to the launch of its franchise business and new outlets, with new products already on sale.

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Is Almond Milk Safe For Children: A Search For The Truth

When I was pregnant with my first child, I was so full of hope and optimism for the future. I dreamt of making the very best life for my child. I wanted him or her to have access to happiness, love, and nutritious food. During my pregnancy, I started reading all about child nutrition. That was when I first came across the idea of almond milk for children.

is almond milk safe for children

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Identifying Vegan Protein Sources Is Easy Peasy

When you tell people you’re a vegan, the first question many will ask you is where you get your protein from. This is based on the assumption that the vast majority of protein in an omnivore’s diet comes from the meat and fish that they eat.

So what about a person whose diet is meat-free then? What foods will provide you with a healthy amount of protein if you’re a vegan?

Contrary to the stereotypical image; vegans aren’t skinny or weedy. There are plenty of muscle-bound vegan athletes out there, like former Ironman triathlete Brendan Brazier and former Arizona Cardinals NFL player, David Carter (aka “the 300-pound vegan”), who clearly demonstrated they were getting enough protein supplies from other sources than meat.

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Influential Athletes And How They Benefit From The Vegan Lifestyle

Now is about the time to end the wrong notion that going vegan or eating a vegetarian diet will make us weak. Let’s take athletes, as an example. Vegan Bandit listed 10 athletes who rely on plant-based diets as their main source of nutrition. To a certain degree, it can be surprising that someone like Timothy Bradley, a world champion boxer, and a renowned bodybuilder such as Korin Sutton, are all vegetarians. These aforementioned genetically superior athletes are vegan by choice, but for tennis star, Venus Williams, it’s the other way around.

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