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In today’s Veggie Athletic Weekly News Digest: Slovakia to ban wild animal circuses; Kat Von D set to release vegan shoe collection; Germany’s pork consumption hits record low; Vegan cyclist rides 2000 miles to save rhinos; New £10 pound notes won’t be vegan; Report reveals the number of animals suffering in UK experiments; The main reason Bill Clinton went vegan; Food tech expert brands vegan trend a ‘game changer’; Vegan food startup receives fundin12g from UAE princess; Vegan hair dye to brighten up your summer look.

Slovakia To Ban Wild Animal Circuses

In the coming months, Slovakia is set to vote to amend a veterinary law to include protections for animals in circuses.

“Species of wild animals which publicly perform tricks learned from humans and demonstrating atypical behavior not present in nature will be protected,” Slovakia’s Agriculture Ministry’s press office head Vladimír Machalík said.

Animal-rights group Sloboda Zvierat (Freedom of Animals) has been pushing for a ban on wild animal circuses in the country since 2012.

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Kat Von D Vegan Shoe Collection To Be Released

kat von d vegan

Kat Von D is pretty much the reigning Queen of vegan and cruelty-free makeup, and it looks like she’s going to be spreading those vegan wings. With a Kat Von D vegan shoe collection on the way, it’s time to start saving!

So far she has only released a sneak preview of what to come, but fans are already getting excited.

She has announced that there will be a whopping 26 different styles of shoe released, from towering heels to practical flats. She will also be creating some unisex styles.

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Germany’s Pork Consumption Hits Record Low

Germany's Pork Consumption

Long known for their sausages, Germany’s pork consumption is now at a record low. This comes as Berlin is branded the vegan capital of Europe, with more people turning to plant-based foods than ever.

New research compiled by Agriculture Market Information Co. (AMIC) found that Germans have steadily reduced their consumption of pig products in recent years.

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Vegan Cyclist Rides 2000 Miles To Save Rhinos

Matt Meyer is towing a 350-pound rhino replica along the Pacific coast of the US for two months to raise funds to save the endangered animal.

In doing so, he hopes to raise funds and awareness to protect the heavily endangered species.

Meyer spoke to media outlet The Orange County Register about his experience. “I don’t have children of my own, but I have nieces and nephews and I couldn’t let them inherit a planet without rhinos.”

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Disappointing: New £10 Notes WON’T Be Vegan

new £10 notes

With the outrage stemming from the tallow used in the new £5 notes released last year, you’d think the Bank of England would be keen to listen to the public. However, it has sadly been announced that the new £10 notes will in fact not be vegan, as it will contain the same animal fat as the notes that came out last year.

It’s disgusting that vegans, animal activists and the public alike are forced to use non-vegan products on a daily basis. The arrival of the new £10 note only increases the amount of interaction they are forced to have.

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Report Reveals Animals Suffered In 3.94 Million British Experiments

aldi cruelty free cleaning products

The Home Office’s Annual Statistics of Scientific Procedures on Living Animals Great Britain 2016 report has revealed some harrowing statistics from 2016.

The report outlined the number of animals who were tested on in the UK alone. The figure topped 3.94 million and was made up of a variety of species.

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Vegan Bill Clinton Ditched The Meat For One Main Reason

vegan bill clinton

Bill Clinton has been sporting a very trim figure recently, and thanks his vegan diet for this. However, vegan Bill Clinton went plant based for one very scary reason, his incredibly poor health.

After going through a staggering quadruple heart bypass, Clinton realised that it was time for a lifestyle change. Sadly, he was worried that he wouldn’t even live long enough to be a grandfather.

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Food Tech Conference Expert Brands Veganism ‘Game Changer’

According to an expert at the recent Institute of Food Technologists conference, plant-based eating is a ‘game-changing trend’.

Speaking during a session called The Plant-Based Diet Evolution: The Consumer, Scientific Evidence, and Food Formulation, Steven Walton, general manager of research firm HealthFocus International, said: “I believe that plant-based eating is a game-changing trend.”

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Vegan Food Startup Gets Funding From UAE Princess

wegan foods

Mumbai based, Wegan Foods, has secured funding from Princess Sheikha Arwa Al Qassimi, a member of the royal family of Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah.

The Indian start-up impressed with its selection of vegan foods and a heavily dominated women workforce.

Sheikha Arwa Al Qassimi has supported the vegan food kitchen in the form of an undisclosed amount in funding.

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Vegan Hair Dye To Brighten Up Your Look This Summer

Summer holidays are the perfect excuse to try out a new look, and your hair is the easiest thing to change. Whether you fancy bold colours like pink and blue or just a bit lighter, there is plenty of vegan hair dye to choose from.

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