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In today’s Veggie Athletic Weekly News Digest: Temple Of Seitan reviewed; The new supermarket that’s exclusively vegan; 60% of vegans dream of vegan partner; Vegan options at Pret A Manger drive up sales; Guinness turns vegan.

Review: Temple Of Seitan

temple of seitan

It’s 2017, we can 3D print heart valves and cars can run fully on electric, so why do people still eat meat? I was recently on one of my adventures in London so that I could go and cheer on the brave souls taking part in the London Marathon. London fulfils me with its diverse culture, efficiency, the buzz it delivers and of course, the ease and support of the vegan lifestyle.

I’m a frequent visitor to London and naturally every time I hear about a new vegan food I’m filled with ecstasy, from where I live in Swindon, vegan options for eating out are limited, ‘fast’ food is a world away and variety is a rarity.

Personally, I’m not a junk or fast food kind of guy, I indulge on fruit and veg and love rice, basic I know, but it works. However, when the opportunity arises to try out something that has had rave reviews, I’m keen to get stuck in.

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Vegan Supermarket In London Now Open!

vegan supermarket

Shopping as a vegan isn’t the easiest of tasks. Whether it’s sifting through the Free From section to find what is actually vegan, or simply scanning ingredients like your life depends on it. Luckily for all those in London, this can be a thing of the past. A vegan supermarket has finally opened, and is waiting for you to explore it!

GreeBay has opened as London’s first 100% vegan supermarket, with over 1,000 products on sale. New items are being added every week, and even do free home delivery if your order is over £55!

This vegan supermarket is also situated in what sounds like a buzzing vegan community. It can be found next to two vegan restaurants, and a vegan pizza shop!

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60% Of Vegans Dream Of Vegan Partner

vegan partner

A brand-new survey has discovered that 60% of vegans dream of a vegan partner

Despite 60.5% of respondents previously having been or currently in a relationship with a meat eater, 45% of vegans stated that they’ve experienced suffering due to their spouses’ meat consumption.

Did you know being vegan on Tinder increases your chances of a relationship?

The research, conducted by German Online-Dating-Agency,, and the German spoken vegan lifestyle portal, was carried out to discover the romantic attitudes between vegans and meat eaters, and is the largest survey worldwide of its kind.

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Pret a Manger Vegan Options Drive Up Sales!

Pret a Manger is leading the way in terms of offering vegan options, with wraps, sandwiches and even mac and cheese on offer! Not only is this great for those eating the Pret a Manger vegan options, its also turning out to be brilliant for the chain. Sales have soared by up to 11%! 

Vegans and vegetarians aren’t the only ones to thank for this increase in sales, according to Pret many customers are in fact meat eaters, who are starting to explore and enjoy the vegan options they have to offer.

Research by the chain found 52 per cent of Veggie Pret customers typically eat meat but are trying to cut back in order to be healthier.

pret a manger vegan options

Pret says that part of this surge in sales is the publics growing taste for coconut milk. While soy and almond have been options for a while, many find coconut goes really well with teas and coffees, with coconut overtaking soy in terms of sales.

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Vegan Guinness Is Finally a Thing! Huge Step Forward

vegan guinness

Many alcoholic drinks aren’t vegan due to their filtration process, and probably the most well known of these is Guinness. Filtration processes use isinglass, a protein derived form dried fish bladders (wtf). However, vegan Guinness is now coming to pubs near you!

In 2015, Guinness pledged to change their methods to way that will no longer use dead fish. About time really, as in the 21st Century is there really an excuse to use fish bladders to create alcohol anymore?

Fantastically, Guinness have stuck to their word, and vegan Guinness has arrived. However, there is one catch. Only Guinness on tap is vegan, and the bottled and canned Guinness still uses isinglass.

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