Doctors Are Being Urged To Prescribe Plant-Based Food As Medicine

plant-based food as medicine

A new seminar set up by the Plant-Based Nutrition Support Group will urge doctors to prescribe plant-based food as medicine later this month.

According to Vegnews: Paul Chatlin, founder of PBNSG, adopted a plant-based diet under the direction of Caldwell Esselstyn, MD after finding himself on a gurney awaiting heart bypass surgery.

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The event will now host speakers such as Joel Kahn, MD; Robert Breakey, MD; diabetes specialist Caroline Trapp, DNP; and Elizabeth Swenor, DO to persuade others to treat disease with food rather than medicine.

“The scientific evidence that plant-based nutrition can prevent, halt, and reverse the top 15 chronic diseases that afflict patients at low cost, low risk, and often equal or superior efficacy versus medications is powerful,” Kahn told VegNews.

 “The glaring lack of education and practical skills taught to doctors to assess and address nutrition in the office or hospital must be addressed as soon as possible,” Khan said, “and our seminar is an important step.”

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