Does Being Vegan Still Kill Animals?


Does being vegan still kill animals?

If you’ve ever said that you’re vegan because you don’t want to kill animals, you might have heard this BS rebuttal.

“But being vegan means animals die to make space for crops!” Omni’s often talk about the wildlife being killed through crop harvesting, but is this true? Does being vegan still kill animals?

First, let’s look at the amount of animals killed in a lifetime to feed a human.

Meat eaters consume 7,000 animals in lifetime

It breaks down to 11 cows, 27 pigs, 2,400 chickens, 80 turkeys, 30 sheep and 4,500 fish.

per year

If you eat meat, you’ll kill up to 7,000 animals in your name. However, if you weren’t to eat meat, would the same amount of wild animals die?

To first clarify, more grains and crops are fed to livestock than to humans. If one of your complaints is that mice are killed in harvesting crop you need to have a long look at yourself. 7,000 sentient beings.

baby mice

When you take a look at a study by Tew and Macdonald conducted in 1992, they fitted transmitters to 33 mice. Out of these 33 mice, only 1 died as a result of a harvester. They recorded 17 other deaths, but as a result of other animals such as weasels.

Out of these 33 mice on a field of crops, 1 died as a result of harvesting. If there were 33 cows in a slaughter house, all 33 would die. Which do you think is more compassionate?

Once again, if this one mouse has such a profound impact on meat eaters, where is this compassion for other animals? It’s interesting that they also seem to forget that, on average, meat production uses 16 times more land than producing vegan food of equivalent nutrition.

does being vegan still kill animals

The diagram above shows why the question, ‘does being vegan still kill animals’, should be forgotten.

Accidentally killing animals such as mice when processing essential food for the entire planet is on the opposite side of the spectrum to slaughtering animals. No animals are bred and raised for the sole purpose of murder. They are raped and abused their entire lives, and on an unimaginable scale.


Crops are essential foods. Meat is not.

If you’re interested in reading more about this from a scientific perspective, check out this article on Send it to anyone who still says being vegan kills animals!

So, does being vegan really kill animals?

In my eyes, no. Animals killed in harvesting is done so accidentally. There is almost no way to avoid this, and is not done intentionally.

If you want to avoid these unavoidable deaths, being vegan is still the best way to do so. With animal farming requiring more of these crops than humans do, removing the need for animal agriculture will keep this to a minimum. Not to mention you’ll stop the pain, death and suffering of thousands of animals.


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