Does Veganism Cost £2000 more per year?

does veganism cost £2000 more

Many often people whine that veganism isn’t accessible to all because of the cost, with new research claiming to back this up. However, many vegans disagree with these findings, claiming them to be completely untrue. So, does veganism cost £2000 more per year or not?

The research claims that this high cost stems from the need to buy vegan specific products, such as vegan meats, cheeses, milks etc. It also includes higher menu item prices and supplements, averaging at a total of £162 extra per month.

does veganism cost £2000 more

My partner and I’s weekly food shop normally costs about £50 give or take, so around £200 per month and £2400 per year for the both of us. That’s only £100 per month each on food. So, this figure of vegans having to pay £162 EXTRA each month baffles me, as I don’t spend £162 full stop!

does veganism cost £2000 more
This only costs me £1.50, cheaper than most regular mince!

In regards to meat and dairy substitutes, these really aren’t that expensive. I regularly buy a £1.50 bag of ‘mince’ from Morrisons that lasts all week, and can get sausages, burgers etc all for the same price. Milk is no more than a pound, with butter costing less than £1.50 also.

I also find eating out to be much cheaper as a vegan than a meat eater, so I am confused as to why this research suggests otherwise. Vegan options are regularly cheaper, as they rarely use meat substitutes so the cost of ingredients is lower.

does veganism cost £2000 more

Many vegans choose to take supplements, however this really is not an expensive task. Pop down to Holland and Barrett and get your £1 bottle of B12, and this will last you months on end! It’s hardly expensive to buy, and many people vegan or not take supplements of some kind.

Of course, it’s always possible to overspend. Some vegans may choose to shop purely at Whole Foods, getting through tons of food substitutes every week and this will add to a higher shopping price.

All you have to do is shop like a sensible adult. Will you eat cheese and frozen food every meal of every day? No, unless you want to become fat and broke. Likewise, does veganism cost £2000 more per year? No, unless you shop like a two-year old let loose in a chocolate shop.

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