Domino’s Netherlands Launches Three Vegan Pizzas

Domino's Australia also launched vegan pizzas this year.

domino's netherlands

In partnership with the Dutch Society for Veganism (DSV), Domino’s Netherlands has launched three vegan pizzas that will be available from April 30.

Locations in the Netherlands and Belgium will add the Vegan Margarita, BBQ Vegan, and Spicy Vegan pizzas to the menu on April 30th, 2018.

Domino’s worked with DSV to develop and adapt the menu to create three options safe for vegans, by removing a whey ingredient from the crust recipe.


DSV spokesperson Debby van Velzen believes that the market has demanded change and an increase in plant-based options.

“The demand for plant products can no longer be stopped now that more and more people are discovering that you can live perfectly without animal products,” van Velzen said. “Innovative companies are responding to these changes.”

Domino’s Australia launched its own line of vegan pizzas in January, working with vegan cheese manufacturer Follow Your Heart to create the new options.

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