Earthling Ed To Open Vegan Diner In Central London

Earthling Ed made the exciting announcement on Facebook.

earthling ed

Vegan activist Earthling Ed has announced that he will be opening a non-profit vegan diner in central London to raise money for grassroots animal rights movement SURGE.

The restaurant, Unity Diner, will be opening its doors in Hoxton, East London.

Items on the menu include vegan ‘chicken’ pancake stacks, along with diner classics such as cherry pie.

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In a statement on his Facebook, Ed said:

“Within one year of opening, the income generated from Unity Diner will have allowed us to run large scale vegan advertisement campaigns in London (and hopefully across more of the UK), as well as funding the development of The Surge Sanctuary – which will open in late 2019!”

“We’re also currently in the process of registering Surge as a UK charity, which is incredibly exciting too!”

“The diner is almost close to opening and I’m beyond excited, thrilled and eager for what the future holds now that we can take our work to the next level.”

He explained that he has been busy working on the menu and the interior of the diner, and that the diner will allow SURGE to be self-sustainable.

Over 2,000 people have already ‘liked’ Unity Diner’s Facebook page, and over 8.5 thousand have reacted to Ed’s original Facebook post.

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