France Leads The Charge Towards Eco-Friendly Living

eco-friendly living

Eco-friendly living

A year or two back, it was preliminarily discussed that France would implement a law calling for all new buildings to be covered with greenery (aka plants and foliage) or solar panels. The dream here being, eco-friendly living. Now changes in Paris are starting to happen.

France isn’t the first country. In fact, we’ve seen similar laws passed in places such as Germany, Australia as well as Toronto. Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo plans to add a total of 247 acres of green land in the city by 2020.

Sadly our disregard for the environment has started the end of the world!

To apply for a roof garden, residents can obtain a three-year rolling permit that allows them to grow, fruits, vegetables, flowers and other plants. Along with this, all green patches have to be tended to without the use of pesticide or other nasty chemicals. Even better! New buildings will also have to be built with solar panels to make the use of the suns renewable energy.

eco-friendly living

Benefits of solar energy

Solar energy is incredible. It means you don’t have to pay a penny to energy companies and you can solely rely on clean, sustainable energy. It would be especially beneficial for businesses that use huge amounts of energy as it would greatly reduce their so-called dirty energy use. Along with those, here are some other great benefits of solar:

  • It slows down global warming as it cuts down pollution and CO2 emissions.
  • It saves millions of dollars in energy usage.
  • It’s renewable, never-ending energy that comes from the Sun, a source that won’t stop anytime soon.
  • It’s consistent even in cloudy places of the world as the energy still gets through.
  • It creates independence for humanity; we don’t need to rely on paying a government to get power which is inherently free to everyone.

eco-friendly living

Benefits of green roofs

Green roofs are perfect. They’ll greatly reduce the cost to heat your home, soil is a great insulator. It means in the winter months the warm air will be trapped by the layers of soil. Not only that but it will absorb rainwater and be the perfect home for small critters and insects. Not to mention, it’ll turn our ugly grey cities into ones of colour and vibrancy.

  • It helps combine the natural world with our society, helping to integrate us into our natural way of life.
  • It can use recycled materials to build, creating a system of recycling rather than throwing away.
  • If you plant vegetables, it saves you money as well as increases your health and vitality.
  • It helps clean the air and filter certain gasses. This is especially important in cities, we’re seeing higher and higher rates of pollution.France-Declares-All-New-Rooftops-Must-Be-Topped-With-Plants-Or-Solar-Panels

This is a great idea and we can only hope that more cities adopt similar laws. Having greener, more healthy cities will definitely go a long way to helping the environment get back to its natural self and help us progress towards eco-friendly living.



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