Endangered White Rhino Used In Russian Circus

There are only 20,000 white rhinos left in the world.

white rhino

A video of an endangered white rhino being forced to perform in a circus in Russia has caused widespread anger on social media.

The rhino, named Mafa, is one of only 20,000 white rhinos left in the world.

Mafa can be seen in the video being forced to parade and carry a man on his back, while the trainer holds a whip in his hand.

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The white rhino can also be seen turning away from the trainer when he approaches with the whip.

Chris Draper from the Born Free wildlife charity was shocked to see such practices still existing in 2018.

“To see the animal in this circumstance when you’ve seen one in the wild is utterly incongruent,”

“Not only is it being exposed to substantial noise, but the use of the whip is wrong. They would say it doesn’t hurt, but if that’s the case why use it at all?”

Draper also believes that transporting Mafa would inflict severe stress and strain.

Fortunately, rhino’s and other wild animals are nowadays rarely seen in circuses.

However, the Safari Circus that is abusing Mafa, still regularly uses such animals in its performances.

Their website demonstrates their disdain towards animals and their willingness to mistreat them for money.

Their site features pictures of Mafa the rhino, along with a kangaroo with a chain around its neck and boxing gloves, and at least 5 white tigers being forced to perform.

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