Is Enough Legally Done To Protect Farm Animals?


Many people defend eating animals because they believe that the entire process is ‘humane’. However, new evidence clearly proves that this is clearly untrue, and at an inhumane pig farm in Bristol, the animals live their entire lives in squalor.

The farm was apparently following governmental guidelines on keeping pigs, and sadly, this farms conditions are not an exception.

The government has legal guidelines to protect farm animals, however, what farms are allowed to do is still shocking. According to the government, on pig farms, farmers are allowed to:

And that is all perfectly LEGAL!

Although the government does have rules regarding how much space a pig must have and what kind of environment they should live in, this is rarely abided to.

With the example in Bristol, the pigs were confined to bare concrete cells, with no bedding in sight, and almost every single pig covered in its own excrement.

According to the government;

You must make sure that all pigs, including sows and gilts, have enough manipulable material (such as straw, hay, wood, sawdust, mushroom compost, peat, or a mixture) for pigs to investigate.

This is clearly not the case for the farm animals at the exposed farm in Bristol.


inhumane pig farmFarms are subject to animal welfare inspections, however, are warned about them prior. Therefore it has to be asked whether the government is really doing enough to target farmers that put their livestock through such appalling conditions.

With the case in Bristol, it’s not clear whether the farmer will face any repercussions at all. Despite allowing his pigs to be covered in faeces eat the bodies of fellow deceased pigs, and not provide adequate living conditions, he simply accused the charity that exposed him to have fabricated the truth.

All that was said, was that he would review his policies.

For the government to allow someone who abuses animals in such a way to continue rearing them is shocking and disturbing. If you kept a single dog or cat in conditions such as that you face a fine or jail time. However, when it’s hundreds of pigs, the repercussions seem non-existent.

The government needs to clamp down on animal abusers such as this and demonstrate that it’s simply not acceptable. They need farm animals and their conditions to be regularly inspected, and penalties to be given out.

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