Evanna Lynch Teams Up With Peta For VEGAN Harry Potter Recipes


Evanna Lynch is up there with some of the best vegan celebrities. Plenty of celebs claim to be vegan or care about the environment and then go and eat a big bit of steak (hint- Leonardo DiCaprio). Now she’s teaming up with Peta to help spread the message and show vegan food isn’t just lettuce and carrots.

Dairy-free butterbeer! Dairy-free pumpkin pasties! YES!

If you’re an embarrassingly huge Harry Potter fan, but have also decided to go cruelty-free with your food choices (or just vom when you eat dairy – poor thing), you can now get totally involved in magical snacks! Finally!

Teaming up with peta2, PETAs youth division, Evanna Lynch – who plays Luna Lovegood in the films – has released a food tutorial on YouTube, full of handy swaps and tips on how to make all your faves.

And (but whisper it quietly) the butterbeer is better. Because, if you’ve actually had butterbeer it’s a bit… (whisper even more quietly) sickly. This is actually delicious.

Evanna first prepares Chocolate Frogs, which she calls “the perfect vegan treat for any witch, wizard, or muggle.” You can use non-dairy milk for the Butterbeer, but Lynch used vegan ice cream which tastes GORGE.

Last is Pumpkin Pasties, which seem surprisingly easy to make, as well as very tasty. Just like you’re on the Hogwarts express!

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