Vegan Actress Evanna Lynch To launch New Vegan Podcast Next Month

evanna lynch

Harry Potter star, Evanna Lynch, is set to debut her brand new vegan podcast next month. The podcast is called The Chickpeeps and will aim to encourage more of her fan base to go vegan.

The podcast will include co-hosts vegan actor Robbie Jarvis, vegan spiritual expert Momoko Hill, and vegan activist Tylor Starr.

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During the series, Lynch will attempt to persuade listeners that veganism isn’t ‘radical’ or ‘extreme’.

“I was vegetarian and would speak about the ethics of it, and then I realized the inconsistencies of it because people were asking, ‘Why aren’t you vegan?'” Lynch told VegNews.

“I think there was a lot of pressure just to know everything, and I felt really overwhelmed.”

The Chickpeeps will be covering topics from how to talk to non-vegans to the link between veganism and eating disorders.

“I just want to get people together and have these conversations, and learn as we go,” explained Lynch.

“I still have a lot of questions I haven’t fully investigated, and the podcast gives me the opportunity to do that.”

The podcast will launch in October, becoming a weekly occurrence if the show becomes successful.

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