How To Keep Exercising Over Winter- The Best Tips To Keep Your Motivation High And Your Body Warm

exercising over winter

How to keep exercising over winter

Exercising over winter can be a daunting prospect. Particularly if you experience harsh, cold and wet weather for a number of months. It can be hard to predict what to wear, what to do and how to generally manage the change in environment. You might get ill more regularly and you’re likely to suffer from a loss of motivation. Especially as the nights draw in and it’s grey all day. If you’re about to go through all that, here are a few golden tips to exercising over winter.

Clothing is key

exercising over winter

If you’re going to be exercising outside, the clothing choices you make will determine if it’s going to be miserable or great. More specifically, layers will save you. You want to be leaving the house so you’re a tad cold, you’ll no doubt start to heat up as you get going. As you reach a more constant temperature, you can decide if you need to add a layer or remove one. It could be throwing on some gloves or a soft-shell jacket.

I’m already leaving the house with at least a pair of gloves and a windproof/waterproof jacket to put on if needs be. Make sure you don’t get cold too!

Here’s a quick list of some great clothing:

Check the weather

It might sound like an obvious one but make sure you check the weather. You’ll know what you need to take clothing wise and have less chance of being over or under-dressed. Of course, there’s the regular weather checking apps but you can also download rain radars.

These are particularly useful if you want more insight.

You’ll be able to see bands of rain and the direction they’re travelling. I use an app called RainAlarm and it’s great!

exercising over winter

Time it right

If you’re going to be exercising over winter, you’ve got to make sure you time it right. It’s never fun going out only for it to be pitch black and freezing cold by the time you’re home. If you’re able to, try to get out in the hours of light.

You could head out before work or school, or you could exercise in your lunch break.

This also helps with motivation. Strangely enough, you’ll feel a lot more energised and willing to head out and exercise in the light rather than the dark.

You’ll be better for it

If you’re exercising through winter, you’re a badass. Most of your friends and family will think you’re insane for going out in the rain and freezing cold. It’s going to hugely benefit you though.

You’ll come out the other side and be wildly more fit than those who’ve skipped training over the winter months. If you’re lacking motivation, remember how strong you’ll be for it once the winter has passed. That will be strong physically and mentally.

If  all else fails, stay inside

exercising over winter

If you really can’t get yourself out the door, then you can always stay inside. Head to a local gym, jump on a turbo trainer and exercise from home. It’s definitely more dull than being outside but if you really can’t face it, there’s always the choice.


  1. Exercising in winter helps to keep your body more warmer then natural. But it is difficult to pick what to wear while exercising. So it is better to see the weather and choose your exercise wear.

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