Extreme Vegan Mother Arrested- No, Just An Extreme Mother

extreme vegan mother

In case you missed it, a 33 year old woman was arrested in the US because she was feeding her child only fruit and nuts. Her child is only 11 months old and was found with a rash and motor skill problems. Her husband apparently claimed that she wanted to live on just sunlight and water. Of course, she was branded an ‘extreme vegan mother’ and really, the focus was more on veganism than her wrongdoing.

What bugs me about all the headlines is that in almost every one, the word ‘vegan’ is thrown in. It’s a strange one.

The mother is vegan but there’s little correlation between that and the incident.

I can assure you that there are thousands more cases of child endangerment accross the world from meat eating parents.

Do we see headlines including terms like ‘omnivore’ or ‘meat-eater’? Nope.

This is just another case of the media against veganism. Most outlets seem to have declared war on the lifestyle and really, for no given reason. Except, by appealing to the masses, they’ll be attracting more readers, viewers and listeners who agree with them. Win, win for them, so they wont mind slamming a few vegans in the process.

Feeding your child just fruit and nuts is wrong but anyone can do that, it doesn’t matter if you’re vegan or an omnivore.

More and more people just assume that veganism and people who eat a vegan diet have some form of eating disorder and mental health issue. Instead of constantly slamming the lifestyle they should instead support it and it’s values. After all, nothing else is going to help us recover the damage to the environment like veganism will.

The more people taking to the lifestyle,the better. So instead of using ‘extreme VEGAN mother arrested’ as the headline why not just call it ‘extreme mother arrested’.

It’s like putting 2 + 2 together and reaching 5.

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