Fake Meat – What’s The Deal?

fake meat

One of the weirdest things I see regularly on social media, are omnivores who get offended/defensive over vegans consuming fake meat. You know the stuff, whether it’s tofurky or vegan chicken, it seems that some people really have an issue with it.

fake meat

Quite possibly, this is one of the most petty things I’ve seen against veganism. Fake meat has helped so many people transition to veganism, giving an alternative for foods which people say they will miss most, e.g. burgers, sausages and chicken. And apparently this is cause for concern for meat eaters?

“But if you don’t want to eat meat, why are you eating food that pretends to be meat????”

Fake meat is most definitely not real meat

This food is not meat. There are no animal products included in them, and they are called meat names because they are imitating the flavour/texture of certain foods. People don’t go vegan because they don’t like the taste of meat, I used to love chicken and bacon, so why can’t they consume products that are similar in taste, but without the cruelty and poor health that comes with it?

It’s also pretty idiotic to argue that vegans shouldn’t call fake meat names such as vegan chicken or nuggets, and that we should come up with new words. Okay, so you expect us to come up with completely new words for the english language to label these products, only because you’re being petty and arguing against veganism for no reason other than to inflate your ego? If it’s imitating chicken, let vegans bloody call it vegan chicken. It doesn’t harm you in any way shape or form.

One of the best analogies for this situation goes like this:

“I like war movies. However, I also like not being blown up and being placed in war zones to experience ‘the real thing’. Therefore, I like going to the cinema instead to experience the thrill and excitement”.

fake meatfake meatfake meat

Mock/ fake meat gives vegans a way to enjoy flavourful food for meals such as stir-fry’s or BBQ’s in a way which both fits with their ethics as well as their personal desires. They also serve as a very useful tool for those who are transitioning to veganism, and are most worried about giving up their favourite foods.

Not all vegans eat fake meat, as with technology improving in such leaps and bounds, some meat is just too realistic for vegans to stand. I personally enjoy fake meat, whether its chicken strips or fake sausage rolls. They’re not the healthiest, but I do enjoy them every so often. It doesn’t affect meat eaters in any shape or form, so you have no right to complain/ confront us about it.

fake meat
Beyond Meat, one of the most realistic ‘burgers’ around!

So next time you go to complain about vegans eating fake meat, ask yourself why you watch war movies instead of going to actual war zones, or go to ‘haunted houses’ at fairs instead of that run down house on your street everyone knows has hobos living in it. We pick the healthier, safer, and more ethical way to eat, all while enjoying good flavours and exciting meals.


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