Fake Vegan Celebrities And Their Crucification By Vegans


From Beyoncé’s few weeks as a vegan to the oo-ing and ah-ing over whether Leonardo DiCaprio is actually vegan or not, there are lots of fake vegan celebrities out there. As a result of this, they also get regular slating from the online vegan community. However, is this always justifiable?

For a start, many never actually claimed to be vegan in the first place. Beyoncé for example was doing some kind of detox, and Nick Knowles calls himself a “vegan flexitarian”. Yes it sounds like utter BS, and yes it actually is.


By not being self claimed vegans, we can’t rip them apart any more than we can omni celebrities. The difference here being, that at least they’re giving it a go.

Taking Nick Knowles for example, a few years ago he claimed he’d only try a liquid diet “once you can juice pork pies and scotch eggs”.

Yet, he now eats a vegan diet 80% of the time and eats vegetarian with “the odd cheat day” now and again. This is obviously far from perfect, but a huge step for someone whose diet largely consisted of sausage sandwiches.

Nick at his vegan restaurant
Nick at his vegan restaurant

He now co-owns a vegan restaurant, plans to invest in another, and is writing a vegan cookbook. In my eyes, this is a success. He isn’t perfect himself, but his dabbling in veganism is helping others as well as himself. These vegan restaurants will inspire others to cut out animal products from their lives, and the cookbook is aimed at self-confessed ‘carnivores’

He certainly won’t be winning vegan of the year any time soon, but he’s doing a lot of valuable work. Although there is still cruelty in his diet, over time this may work its way out. If he’s investing this much time and money into veganism, it must be winning him over!

Ellie Goulding however is one these fake vegan celebrities that does piss me off. For years people have been wondering if she is genuinely vegan or not, and still we don’t really know.

fake vegan celebrities

Turns out she’s only vegetarian, as she finds things like cheese too hard to give up. This is despite numerous articles this year claiming she has converted to veganism for the health benefits. AKA, Ellie Goulding is Flakey AF.

She does adverts for cruel companies such as Pantene, chops and changes what she actually believes in, and is only vegan when it suits her.

Are some worse than others?

Fake vegan celebrities are all over the place, but I don’t think all deserve to be crucified for it. Some are clearly still in the process of going 100% vegan, and do many positive things to benefit veganism as a larger cause.

Others however, lead vegans along for years pretending to be vegan, so they can get a few good interviews with health magazines. Eyes on you Ellie.

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