The Farmer Who Stopped Killing Cows And Started Growing Vegetables


Canadian cattle farmer, Mike Lanigan, now runs an animal sanctuary growing vegetables, instead of slaughtering cows.

Mike’s epiphany came when helping to nurse a premature calf, wondering why he put all that effort into helping them live only to kill them later down the line.

Beef Farmer Donates All Cows To Sanctuary, Starts Vegan Farm

“I just thought it was hypocritical to give so much love, and then you can shut the door at the end, and the support has been incredible.”

“Right now, I think farmers feel under attack,” Mike says. “There’s a lot of really strong animal activism going on. … I didn’t realize all of these nuances to running a sanctuary, to saving my cows. I didn’t see all of this.”

Even his own sons didn’t get it at first. “They were mad at me. For the first month, when they walked by, they would just about spit.”

“They’re young men, they’re strong-willed like their dad, and they were planning on taking over a beef farm in the next couple of years.” 

Now, they too have come around to the idea.

“You know when you have a really lousy week and you think, ‘What am I doing this for?'” Mike says.

“Then you go to the market and a lady comes up and says, ‘Mike, you know that we pray for you at every meal?’ That’s happened about three different times.”

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