Feminist And Not Vegan? Uh-oh…

feminist vegan

Are you a feminist but not vegan?

Here’s the definition of feminism.

feminist vegan

A feminist is simply someone who wants equal rights for both men and women. They want both genders to be equal and have all the entitlements as the other.

It’s easy to see then, that feminists understand the struggle of women not feeling valued or holding the same rights as men. The main this here is that they understand.

feminist vegan

Animal rights is a feminist issue.

Humans have, for years, deemed themselves as having higher importance than animals. We think we are more significant. This is the same as slavery, gay rights, nazis persecuting jews and women being undervalued.

There’s one big difference though. Animals can’t fight back.

They have no voice.

They have no power.

They only have a small minority who speak for them.

In reality, this shouldn’t be a minority. It should be every woman, every gay, every jew and every person ever discriminated against.

It should be humanity.

feminist vegan

Let’s face it, everyone reading this has felt undervalued or less equal some time in their life. So everyone knows how it feels to be an animal, where your sole purpose is to be raised, tortured and ultimately murdered.

Animal bodies are objectified just as women are.

To be objectified means that the body is there for the sole pleasure of another being. We use words to disassociate ourselves with the pain and suffering we put millions of animals through every year.

That piece of ‘meat’ is actually a dead animal. That ‘steak’ is a slaughtered cow and that ‘bacon’ isn’t bacon. It’s skin off a dead pig.

See how these words are just made up to gloss over the horrific fact that you’re eating another sentient being?

feminist vegan

If you believe in equality, where everyone is treated to the same rights, then you surely have to be vegan.

If not, you’re just as bad as those who have discriminated against you.

I’ll end on this extract from Gentle World:

“Oppression is oppression. Violence is violence. The species of the victim is irrelevant. The way I see it, to be an animal rights activist is to be a vegan. To be an abolitionist is to be a vegan. To be a nonspeciesist is to be a vegan. To be an environmentalist is to be a vegan. To be a peace-loving-pacifist is to be a vegan. To be an ethicist is to be a vegan. AND YES – to be a feminist is to be a vegan.”



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