First Vegan Video Game Arrives On Nintendo Switch

The game is free for download on Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.

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Instead of fighting against soldiers or zombies, in the newest video game for Nintendo Switch, you can fight for animal liberation.

The new Nintendo game, ‘Kitten Squad’, features your own family cat avatar fighting various forms of animal exploitation, such as dairy farms and circuses.

The game description reads: “Sadistic robots have enslaved orcas at SeaLand Marine Park. The evil Sheep Puncher robot has kidnapped sheep for the twisted wool industry. Only the Kitten Squad is up to the task of saving these gentle animals.”

Launched by PETA, the Nintendo Switch game has already received 1.3 million downloads across the world. The game is also free to download, and is thought to be the first vegan video game available on the platform.

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In a statement by PETA, they said that the game has been inspired by real world animal abuse.

“The game’s missions are inspired by PETA’s real-world exposés that have revealed animal abuse, including baby elephants being held captive by the Ringling Bros. circus, calves being torn away from their mothers on a dairy farm, and sheep being beaten on wool farms, as documented at shearing facilities in Australia, the U.S., and Argentina.”

By informing players about animal abuse without exposing them to graphic or disturbing images, it makes the game suitable a teenage audience to learn about veganism and animal rights.

The game will also be available for those with iOS and android mobile devices.

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