How To Thrive In Your First Week As A Vegan

first week as a vegan

Your first week as a vegan. It’s the start of the best life changing decision you’ll ever make. There’s not a single other action you can do that’ll improve your health, save more animals or protect the environment more than by going vegan.

So first things first. Well done! You’ve taken the greatest step towards a brighter future.

Sort out that kitchen

Depending on if you’ve slowly transitioned or made the change overnight, there will be a few changes to be made in the kitchen. Get rid of all and any animal products. Don’t think “oh, I’ll just finish it”. You’re vegan now. Give it to a friend, donate it to homeless. Whatever. In the early days, consciously deciding to eat animal products can be a slippery slope for some.

Stock those cupboards with plant goodness! Turn the fridge into a rainbow of colour with the biggest variety of your favourite fruit and veg you can get.

Find community

This one’s key. Having a strong community around you can make your first week as a vegan bliss. It doesn’t need to be a local community, it could be an online forum or Facebook group. It could even be a bunch of people on Twitter. Having people around for advice, to discuss ideas with and share experiences will make your first week as a vegan just that little bit better.

first week as a vegan

If you need some places to start, check out the Vegan UK Facebook group or simply search for vegan groups in your area. There’ll be at least one, trust me. Barring that, head to a local vegan festival, Christmas market or some other event and get chatting to people. You’ll share so much in common and meet great friends!

Keep on learning

If you haven’t already. Watch as much, read as much and listen to as much as you possibly can. There’s more reasons to go vegan than you know.

first week as a vegan

The more you learn and understand issues, the more you’ll have to say and argue back with when you get a meat-eater telling you you’re weird, stupid or wrong.

The evidence is compelling and the more you can spread the message the better you’ll feel. Helping people onto the lifestyle and helping them change their life is one of the most fulfilling and motivating things.


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